Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Personality v.15

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Following are just my opinions. I made the opinions based on my way of considering factors, that I also use for my decision making in life...
Unlike identity which is the set of memory. Personality is the way of classifying memories... which parts are lovely, and which are not.

My question, was Jesus before His death was just God's personality? Or was He both God's identity and personality?

Why are you so happy when you got a child? What makes your children special? Is it just because their structures are similar to you? Is it just because they are "your" flesh and blood?
I don't know,
But observing this fact, I could hypothesize, that personality has a large part in such connections.
The reason why your children are special to you could be because the personality that you might pass on through them. In them you leave your legacy, through them you might live forever.

The universe has its memory... geologist could investigate the rocks and learned their stories. And so I rationalize that the universe has personalities, which are laws that apply in the way the world works.

As someone who sided with Christian faith, I believe that humans could be brought back to life, both their identity and their personality as a whole. I also believe in divine Judgement, where Love selects which among the personalities or laws that He would use, forever.

Our life experience, adds meaning to our personality. No other could classify the experiences of our point of view of our life but us. Yes our experiences are real... but the question is, will our ways of classifying the memories are going to be relevant forever?

This is my saying mixed with quotes from the Bible:
Jesus is the way the truth and the light. The Father has the ultimate identity of everything, in Him is the "Ultimate Memory". No one access the Father but through Jesus. Basing the growth of our personality on Jesus' personality will lead us to eternity of interactions, as we will become a part of Love.

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