Friday, August 26, 2011

Diversion, Swaying Informations v.06

Proverbs advices us to be aware, to not sleep too much. I interpret this as advices to always look for informations. However, the danger is when we don't care about where do the informations came from.
Informations that were made out of lies are non mutual informations, we know well enough that they will lead us to death.

We must be aware of lies, open our eyes and seek for the truth. To audit, to consult for assurance or confirmation is rarely disempowering or waste of money, on the opposite it facilitate awareness.

I say there are informations that are better left to be less prioritized. There are informations that won't lead us to more mutual informations or the truth. Basking ourselves in non mutual informations is like sleeping too much, unfortunately such informations might be found in irresponsible greedy manipulative disempowering mentality reporters' news.

I suggest that newspapers should have a page dedicated to monitor updates on previous news. Have problems previously reported addressed? Doing so will show, which news actually were written truthfully and which news were made without lovely missions to serve.

Let us be aware that the purpose of swaying informations are to kept us from the truth, as diversion to prevent us from knowing and using empowering informations. Why? Because bad people are those whose solutions involve treating other people as victims. They use people as their tools without consent, through lying and trickery... they want to keep available stupid people. Lets stay in Jesus, let the world threw bad labels on us, but God will show who's with the truth and who's not.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I think Life is all about

Love is the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever, and love made everything that matters in the universe. That's what the universe is all about, creating laws, and then practice them, and then produce new laws, and the practice them... interaction is the exercising of laws.

As all interactions keep on happening, one in support of another... there couldn't be repetition of total interactions in the universe... there couldn't be instances where the sun rotated the 100.000th time after the 100.000th time occured. That's time

At certain point in time, after interactions after interactions, new laws came about subject to love... that's organic life or I'm going to call it "life". Life is a set of laws or an administration to create laws faster, and to transport laws faster and further...

All life forms have a mission, we all want to create our changes in the world, in our essence we have laws to transport, we have laws to create. We are parts of love, we are to enable interactions after interactions to keep on happening forever the way it never before done without our existence.

Our big question is, would we keep on experiencing interactions forever as us?

Friday, August 19, 2011

Ajakan II

Saya ajak, harapkan dan saya mencoba bagaimana agar kegunaan dari tindakan yang mengurangi kemampuan dan kemauan orang lain untuk menolong orang itu.... dinolkan.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gold, Exclusivism, and the Economy of Help v.02

Why is gold valueable?
Exclusivism is good but when would Exclusivism became too much?
Is money really everything that matter for Economies?

Gold is valueable because of people's appreciation to rareness or exclusivism. The appreciation came from perception that those that are rare and different have a lot of solutions in their pocket, that they could use to provide exeptional help.

Powerful people in the past shows their power by showing off gold, a rare metal, to show that they have the solutions that enables them to access such difficult to get materials. People in the past tend to treat people with golds less badly, the same way kingdoms tend to make peace with other kingdoms that could create grand monuments.

People who could help a lot of people tend to care about details a lot. Exclusive neighborhood, exclusive club membership, exclusive arts, gadgets, and cars... are various forms of appreciation to details. These exclusive products help people to appreciate details important for certain types of productivity, and to maximize exposure as much as possible to elements of high quality solutions. It is understandable for professionals to feel better when surrounded with high quality products.

It's also understandable that it is essential for some people to have exclusive products, just for the sake of being exclusive. Special skills need special treatment by the society, and general society just doesn't treat general people nice enough. Specialized people have specialized needs.

But when exclusivism harms basic needs of many people... for example if a golf court was built by destroying rain forests that provides water, food, anti-floods, for many, or a new lamborghini was bought out of corruption money... than exclusivism in this case is not appropriate.

Should an economy worry when people are using their money less and less? Our scarcity is not of time and energy but of solutions, the scarcity of the world is not of time nor energy but of mutual solutions.
Should an economy be proud when their value of money increased?

In my opinion, the measure of prosperity should not be in terms of money, but in terms of administration. Could and would the people in the economy help one another to keep on experiencing interactions forever? Could and would the people in the economy help one another to tend to keep on experiencing interactions forever?

Yes the value of money could strongly portrays such measures, but the value and ownership of money should not be everything that matters in the economy. Economies should be able to measure administrations, instead of just money.

I worry that inflations might reduce people's willingness to help, and then, damages the ability of the economy to help the people. 
Let's reduce and eliminate the utility of intimidation, not otherwise.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happiness v.06

Love is the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever.
Time exist due to irreversibility. Our intuition of time is that total interactions are always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new.

Why some people dislike the law passionately?

Sometimes, I could be one of those people... and the reason why I disliked the law was because I felt that the law reduces my "space for variances" as a living being (living beings are beings that could classify what's lovely and what's not). Obeying the law instead of following my instinct feels like boring, not exciting, stupid, and less alive. In short, if I obeyed the law instead of doing things from my own personality, it feels like I'm denying myself as a living being.

My past posts related to this:

We want to classify what's lovely and what's not. And when we were successful with our personalities, we'd be happy, in love, we'd want to keep on experiencing interactions, working our personalities, forever.

I think that we could be alive by confirming other people's personality. Doing so requires personalities too. But some are not content in doing so, I think its because of the lie, that people who conform to others' personalities are those who couldn't make their own decisions, and that those kinds of people are preys, victims, made to be slaves. And those who have "own personalities" are the master.

Jesus is the Vine, John chapter 15, His personality is Love's personality, we are the branches... we bring Jesus' way of classifying of what's lovely and what's not into our own life, at our own choosing. Outside of love, we are dead, nothing, cause everything that matters are in Love. We've been outsourcing personalities all our lives, but we are no slaves, we are rulers, we are providers of solutions, mutual working solutions.

Obviously now, to say that obeying the law is less alive than following our own intuition is wrong, and deadly. To acknowledge that I couldn't comprehend enough why the law is lovely and to admit that I'm afraid that the law might be not lovely without me noticing it, is more reliable.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My attempt to describe Christianity v.10

God has the lovely solutions to all problems. In the beginning God's solution was used or practiced totally including by men. Men didn't need to identify problems or solutions, men just do whatever they wanted to do in the corridor of God's law (don't eat the fruit), and they would just automatically became part of the solutions.

Men were holy creatures, they were free creatures that always chose not to sin. This is impossible without the existence of laws, the existence of sin, the existence of the tree of good and evil. Without the tree, humans are not free and holy creatures, not worthy of being known as God's image.

the question:

Why did human wanted the status? What drove them, humans in the state of not knowing good and evil, to want the fruit? Did they think that by eating the fruit they would kept on experiencing interactions forever? Did they think that God's words weren't true?

After they ate the fruit, they became aware of the concept of problems, and solutions. During the time God's solutions were used to handle all the problems, no one had to worry about anything. But now, human became gods, knowing good and evil, knowing that there are problems and the problems always need to be solved.

Unfortunately in order to successfully always be in integrated working solutions, they would have to work together with God, they couldn't just created their own solutions, while God created His own solutions and expected for the solutions would just automatically match each other. And unfortunately, I assume, that they were noobs, they were not as good as God when comes to creating solutions for the universe.

God had given them the earth as their domain, the earth had become human's responsiblity. So if God had better solutions for the earth, the solutions still need human's authorization to apply.(I got mixed up with my country's constitution... so this part is no good).

But God so loved the world he became a man, so that the earth controlled by Jesus, a human, will keep on experiencing interactions forever. God is the Love, for God to Love Love, its only appropriate.

(the inspiration to write this post came when reading WIPO Handbook, 3rd of August 2011)

Proverb 10:19

My big question

Is there problems of the universe?
Do objects experience difficulties and therefore want solutions?