Friday, July 29, 2011

Kenapa Taat Hukum?

Dalam perumpamaan dimana Tuhan memisahkan antara kambing dan domba, dapat diketahui bahwa Dia sangat memprioritaskan orang-orang yang "kecil" di dalam masyarakat, yaitu orang-orang yang paling kurang mendapatkan akses kepada fasilitas-fasilitas. Orang-orang yang lapar haus, butuh baju, butuh tempat tinggal, orang orang yang dipenjara.... Tuhan mengasosiasikan mereka dengan dirinya sendiri. Siapa yang melakukan sesuatu atau tidak melakukan sesuatu untuk mereka, sama dengan memperlakukan atau tidak memperlakukan untuk Tuhan.

Undang-undang dasar RI mengatakan bahwa fakir miskin dan anak-anak terlantar dipelihara oleh negara. UU HAM mengatur bahwa mereka yang bersalah/diduga bersalah harus diperlakukan tidak dengan main hakim sendiri, tapi dengan sesuai prosedur hukum.

Hukum menyatukan masyarakat, di dalam hukum orang saling membantu bahkan kepada mereka yang tidak saling mengenal. Melalui hukum bantuan disalurkan dan dijaga sebesar-besarnya untuk tidak merusak solusi dari masalah-masalah yang penting yang dihadapi oleh orang lain yang tidak tahu-menahu atau berkuasa terhadap hal ihwal kegiatan saling membantu tersebut (adil).

Kemiskinan di dunia ini bukanlah waktu dan energi, tapi kemiskinan akan solusi yang saling menguntungkan/mendukung. Tuhan Yesus telah menunjukkan kita jalan untuk menjadi kaya, kaya akan harta di sorga, yaitu pertolongan Tuhan. Dalam taat hukum, kita melakukan untuk mereka yang "kecil", agar mereka-pun suatu saat dapat menolong orang lain.

Sunday, July 24, 2011

Money is not enough v.04

Our scarcity is not of time nor energy but of solutions, the scarcity of the world is of mutual solutions.
Money is a guarantee that the person who has it deserve help.
Love is the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever.

I'm from accounting background, and one role that could be performed by accountants is to investigate deseases within organizations or companies.

Since financial statements especially the audited one, are like organization's medical check-up results. Some accountants could prescribe administrations, permanent and/or temporary administrations, that could improve the performance of the company.

We all know that organizations as well as a country is a unity of committments of people to enable them to become part of life solutions. When successful, members of the organizations would improve their rate of worthiness of help from others, and also when applicable, directly got the help they needed.

So, money is not organization's food, help is organization's food. I say that solutions = administrations, that is the protocol of solving problems. Money is just means to achieve working mutual/lovely solutions. Less relevant administrations means more money wastage, more relevant administrations means money well spent.

Seek knowledge, seek understanding... Proverbs. I say, seek administrations.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

My Speculation About where's the Kingdom of God v.02

The Kingdom of God is a place where we diversify, we don't have to worry anymore about keeping records or memory of everything, because God already maintain the Ultimate Memory, and all we have to worry about is developing personalities that's lovely accordingly with time.

So in Kingdom of God, we could access all the memory in the universe whenever and however we wanted to, without worrying whether they are reliable or not.

The Kingdom of God is a place where there are no lies were unidentified or unclassified as lies.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Personality v.15

See my previous post

Following are just my opinions. I made the opinions based on my way of considering factors, that I also use for my decision making in life...
Unlike identity which is the set of memory. Personality is the way of classifying memories... which parts are lovely, and which are not.

My question, was Jesus before His death was just God's personality? Or was He both God's identity and personality?

Why are you so happy when you got a child? What makes your children special? Is it just because their structures are similar to you? Is it just because they are "your" flesh and blood?
I don't know,
But observing this fact, I could hypothesize, that personality has a large part in such connections.
The reason why your children are special to you could be because the personality that you might pass on through them. In them you leave your legacy, through them you might live forever.

The universe has its memory... geologist could investigate the rocks and learned their stories. And so I rationalize that the universe has personalities, which are laws that apply in the way the world works.

As someone who sided with Christian faith, I believe that humans could be brought back to life, both their identity and their personality as a whole. I also believe in divine Judgement, where Love selects which among the personalities or laws that He would use, forever.

Our life experience, adds meaning to our personality. No other could classify the experiences of our point of view of our life but us. Yes our experiences are real... but the question is, will our ways of classifying the memories are going to be relevant forever?

This is my saying mixed with quotes from the Bible:
Jesus is the way the truth and the light. The Father has the ultimate identity of everything, in Him is the "Ultimate Memory". No one access the Father but through Jesus. Basing the growth of our personality on Jesus' personality will lead us to eternity of interactions, as we will become a part of Love.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Cheaper Office program

I like this software because it has quite easy to read terms and conditions


I got the site from this web page:


DNA's Blunder

Painful things are our body's way of saying that the interaction would lead to dead ends. But our body doesn't have the capability to predict the future from science, from logic. Our body is wired in the way cells perceive the world, which is primitive.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

So in Theory...

So in theory, if you have good employees, but they work less better with you than some of their peers. It would be economically contributive to introduce them to other companies so that they could realize their potentials... rather than keeping them stuck with you.

So in theory, it would be economically contributive, to allocate division or an administration of training in your organization.

This is just my wild interpretation of the search friction concept.

The Role of Advertising in the Economy v.07

DMP model has been admitted, recognized, and nobel prized

 "The Prize in Economic Sciences 2010". 21 Dec 2011

"The Prize in Economic Sciences 2010 - Scientific Background". 21 Dec 2011

The concept is search friction, or the matching cost as I'd like to call it. Desired goods and services might be available in the economy, and they might be really-really good so that people could maximize their potentials and reject non mutual, non lovely interactions. However the cost of each individuals, or each entities in discovering the goods and services is the friction that makes it harder for those products to contribute their effects.

We need to focus on this, to reduce friction instead of adding to it. There should be a solution so that people's could easily found informations that are relevant for them. And in my opinion, that's to use terms and conditions to create exclusive societies. So advertisers could better target their materials, reduce their spamming in public medias, and better contribute to the reduction of frictions in the economy

Let's prioritize the right things, let's make our world richer, let's reduce Intellectual Property violations.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Interaction List v.03

Clashes in societies are all about which problem should be prioritized... which solutions must be kept, which should be changed, and which are going to be eliminated.
My say on this is to prioritize love, that's the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever.

In order to achieve this, ideally, people should be able to list, interactions that they are the elements:
-Everybody could rule, intuitively, being able to rule gives you access to rule out dangers or potentials to non lovely interactions.
-Everybody could have intercourse, intuitively, being able to have sex gives you access to sensations that makes you want to keep on experiencing interactions forever.
-Everybody could kill, intuitively, being able to kill gives you access to avoid interactions that are not lovely, when it suddenly appeared before your eyes (self defense).
-Everybody could think,
-Everybody could balance on ropes
-Everybody could shake hands

Ofcourse there's a lot branches of other purposes or uses of each interactions.

Now, if you could list all of the interactions that people want to perform, you could prioritize, which interactions are relevant at the time compared against their alternatives. Some people like to destroy stuff, me too, video games can be lovely.

Monday, July 4, 2011

My Premarital Agreement consideration

Ok, so maybe I'd like this idea on premarital agreements:

Money brought in by the husband: Wife got 40%, Husband got 60%
Money brought in by the wife: Wife got 60%, Husband got 40%

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Organizational entropy v.02

In my opinion, the reason why organism, and organizations got old... is because they make more and more elements in their system... but experienced scarcity of solutions in terms of defining them as unities with each other.

To rejuvinate an organization... there are three principals that I could define so far...

Imagine individual letters a division or department within an organization, the principals are:
1. Separation, illustration: before, "goteambeproductive" after, "go team be productive"
2. Addition of administration, illustration: before: "wttb poucte" .... after "I want to be productive"
3. Reduction of administration, illustration: before: "adfadfIadf'm proadsfdadfaucaadfdftfdsaive" after " I'm productive"

Ofcourse the administrations need to support love, the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions after interactions forever.

More intuitive entropy for me.

So I watched a video on youtube, and wonder... why do high informational entropy was falksdjflakjfas;fkja but aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is considered as low entropy.

It would be more intuitive to say that as;dlfjadlfjadlfjaf is high entropy, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa is high entropy, "a" is low entropy, "air, cool, time" are low entropies, and "the air is cool" is low entropy.

So the target is to manage as much information as possible to become as low entropy as possible, because according to me, high entropy is the state where elements are not supportive of each other... and low entropy is the state where elements support each other so that they could be considered as a unity.

Friday, July 1, 2011

My take on Jer: 1 ver 5

God doesn't created us out of accident. He has determined a place for us in life, a position in the universe. We all have our own territories of care, by staying in the territory we would realize our potentials. The problem is, bad people knew about this, and they want to make people care about stuff they don't supposed to care. Bad people would then took away from people, their role in the universe.

For example: if there's a kid good to be an astronaut, bad people identified this and thought to themselves, God has created a support system for this kid... if the kid looked the other way... I might be able to snatch some of them resources and made them mine.

These bad people had abandoned their own territory of care, and chose the path of lies.

Be careful, this time the time of onslaught of information, we must know our place, we must know what to care, stay in the law, seek for God's wisdom, and nurture what God had given to us. Small matters matters.

A joke

Here's a joke:

Kalo orang Jawa suka manis
Orang Manado suka pedes
Orang bule suka?...

Asem... (awesome)

What is funny? v.04

Check out this site:

He is a programmer with interesting minds and products. Now reading David Mamet's quote in the page, i noticed that it's funny when your mind work on something. So what comedians do is to present problems for the minds... problems that solutions are apparently plenty or obvious. But the problem must be considered as real by the mind's reflex. 

So I got it backwards, you'd laugh when there's a solution that completely obliterates the problem in your mind. So if the comedian could make your mind register their solutions as the complete solution, even just for a moment... you'd laugh.

I need to say as well that during sessions of discussion about problems... our mind register not only the presented problem as problem, but also how to end the discussion without causing further problems. That kept us observant, serious, and not farting.