Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Role of Advertising in the Economy v.07

DMP model has been admitted, recognized, and nobel prized

 "The Prize in Economic Sciences 2010". 21 Dec 2011

"The Prize in Economic Sciences 2010 - Scientific Background". 21 Dec 2011

The concept is search friction, or the matching cost as I'd like to call it. Desired goods and services might be available in the economy, and they might be really-really good so that people could maximize their potentials and reject non mutual, non lovely interactions. However the cost of each individuals, or each entities in discovering the goods and services is the friction that makes it harder for those products to contribute their effects.

We need to focus on this, to reduce friction instead of adding to it. There should be a solution so that people's could easily found informations that are relevant for them. And in my opinion, that's to use terms and conditions to create exclusive societies. So advertisers could better target their materials, reduce their spamming in public medias, and better contribute to the reduction of frictions in the economy

Let's prioritize the right things, let's make our world richer, let's reduce Intellectual Property violations.

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