Friday, July 1, 2011

My take on Jer: 1 ver 5

God doesn't created us out of accident. He has determined a place for us in life, a position in the universe. We all have our own territories of care, by staying in the territory we would realize our potentials. The problem is, bad people knew about this, and they want to make people care about stuff they don't supposed to care. Bad people would then took away from people, their role in the universe.

For example: if there's a kid good to be an astronaut, bad people identified this and thought to themselves, God has created a support system for this kid... if the kid looked the other way... I might be able to snatch some of them resources and made them mine.

These bad people had abandoned their own territory of care, and chose the path of lies.

Be careful, this time the time of onslaught of information, we must know our place, we must know what to care, stay in the law, seek for God's wisdom, and nurture what God had given to us. Small matters matters.

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