Sunday, July 24, 2011

Money is not enough v.04

Our scarcity is not of time nor energy but of solutions, the scarcity of the world is of mutual solutions.
Money is a guarantee that the person who has it deserve help.
Love is the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever.

I'm from accounting background, and one role that could be performed by accountants is to investigate deseases within organizations or companies.

Since financial statements especially the audited one, are like organization's medical check-up results. Some accountants could prescribe administrations, permanent and/or temporary administrations, that could improve the performance of the company.

We all know that organizations as well as a country is a unity of committments of people to enable them to become part of life solutions. When successful, members of the organizations would improve their rate of worthiness of help from others, and also when applicable, directly got the help they needed.

So, money is not organization's food, help is organization's food. I say that solutions = administrations, that is the protocol of solving problems. Money is just means to achieve working mutual/lovely solutions. Less relevant administrations means more money wastage, more relevant administrations means money well spent.

Seek knowledge, seek understanding... Proverbs. I say, seek administrations.

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