Saturday, August 25, 2012

Jesus Steals Donkey?

Well if you're familiar with attacks against Christianity, one of the very controversial issue is about Jesus "borrowing" the donkey without permission.
This culture is common in some parts of the world, but does it make it "Godly?"
Yes it is because in the world that's to come, Jesus will be the basis of existence, current form of matters will pass away, because they are not eternal.
In the world that's eternal, untouchable by the devil, interactions and meanings would be in terms of the word of God in the new form that's Jesus. I don't know for sure how this will work, but in relation to this argument, Jesus wanted to show us all, that in the kingdom of God He will always be prioritized and that it's always going to be orderly for Him to do whatever he pleases.

This Jesus totalitarianism is only appropriate because if you think about it this current world was already made out of the Word of God, the reason is because this world keeps on going on, therefore all laws and meanings must follow certain rule / order in discipline of keeping on interacting.

Now I believe that this principal, this inclination, has translated itself in a form of a human, that's Jesus. He did this to get in touch with humans, whom which will be the next basis of existence. Just as the order of light, gravity, etc are basis of existence now.

THerefore the kingdom of God will be all natural, just like gravity now is natural. In the kingdom of God Jesus will have the ultimate management authority, He's the inclination to obey the Father, and that inclination must be followed by all forms of matters first for them to be prioritized in the Kingdom of God. For them to keep on existing.

But why did Jesus violated the principal of "permission" from the owner?
If the norm of the past was to obey Hitler to kill the Jews, would you disobey them?
If the norm of the past was to forbid people from helping "slaves" from being "abused" by today's standard, would you do it anyway?
There are some norms that are just plain wrong, and there are some that's just supposed to be but not yet commonly valid.
Jesus was demonstrating that people must follow what's "supposed to be" even though it might not yet be commonly acknowledged.  

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hell v.02

The inclination to be alive is a good inclination. Now if someone who doesn't admit Jesus fell from a high place, he/she struggled to safe himself, wouldn't he/she supposed to practice God? How come he/she was not saved?
Shouldn't he/she became synchronized with the inclination to keep on experiencing interactions forever, Love?

Jesus is the new creation, the old world or the old system will pass away. In the future, Jesus will be the light, not the light as we use now, as there would be anymore sun, and moon. In Jesus people would be alive in the new world.

We are the inclination to keep us inclining, we are our memory, the inclination to keep the memory grows.
Even though one inclines to keep on experiencing interactions forever, outside Jesus the one also would incline to not keep on experiencing interactions FOREVEr. Now this means the same person inclined to die.

When the person struggled to live, the inclination would be remembered by God and would be resurrected, therefore the person would be resurrected. But within his/her memory would there be found the inclination to die?
As he/she kept his/her memory going, this inclination to die that was inseparable to him, will put him/her in hell, as he/she will keep on living while ever routinely inclined to die.

The inclination to protect one's self would stay on forever,
The inclination to die will always fail. Only through Jesus the inclination to die can be truly purged.

Matt 27:46, Mark 15:34

Sunday, August 19, 2012


Things about God, Inclinations in relations to Spirits, I could figured them out because of Jesus, the Bible, Christianity.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

So then we are worthy due to our contributions?

We know that nowadays programs could do many things more effective and efficiently than humans. And as time goes on, and as people need more and more resources, we need the machines to do the best of works for us.
The concept of wages and money, made people think that they worth as much as their contribution to the society. Therefore, there's the inclination to compete with the machines. This is prove that the system of money is inhumane and wrong.
Then do humans supposed to be poor?
Do these puny bodies, with limited power and memory should not be cared for?

How do humans supposed to allocate the resources? Based on what?
Surely we must not based it on the politics of intimidation, not based on one's ability to kill, and harm others. (On the opposite I am aiming to make non mutuality not available as a form of solution in reality forever.)

Rome chapter 4:
and (source
James chapter 2:

So working really should be the basis of resource allocation, but its not based on working on the ability to intimidate, to kill, to rob, or to steal, etc, but based on the comittment not to rob, steal, kill, etc. As long as people don't live and/or supported the lifestyle of killing, adultery, robbing, stealing, etc. They deserve adequate properties for themselves for life.

These committers automatically contributed to peace and mutual solutions. I believe that if one really committed to Love, one would allocate their live for it. These people would not be lazy but keep on attempting to Love forever.

God needed us?

Christianity believes that we could contribute to God. Is there a thing that God need? Something we have that He doesn't?
Yes, we are ourselves. If we don't let God to become one with us, then God could not love our parents as our parent's child, God couldn't love our siblings as our siblings' sibling and God couldn't love our children as our children's parent.

God is Love, God is Almighty, why would He has limitations?
Because He made it so, its His design.

If you said I love my family but you lead them to death, would that be a true love?
But God wanted to love, He designed not to be alone but to love, he made it so He needed us, and when we accepted Him as part of us we would made Him happy... He God needed us. Because He is Love, He needed to Love.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Biar Bumi akan Berlalu

Biar bumi akan berlalu,
Biar bulan tak bercahaya lagi,
Biar langit akan bergoncang,
Matahari tak bersinar lagi.

Tetapi Tuhan Yesusku
Tak pernah ingkar janji
semua yang difirmankan-Nya
pasti akan digenapi

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Who am I? v.02

What is consciousness? Who are we?
Materials in our body keeps on changing, the substances or atoms in our cells today are those from foods we've eaten.
Therefore who are we maintaining? Who are we defending? Why do we want to survive? Why are we alive? Why we are we?

We are the inclination to keep us inclining forever.
We are our love. We are not just our body, our body are properties.
Properties are matters that prioritizes the owner all the time.
When our body stopped prioritizing us, we will die.

But then if the inclination were prioritized by other forms of matters,
Then the matters would become a property, and therefore the person would be alive.

Matters are set of laws,
We are set of laws... formation... memories.
We are love, laws, and properties. We are the inclination to maintain our memories.
Memories are formations formed from interactions.

Jesus will stay on forever, He is the inclination to keep His memory alive
when we remember Jesus, and re-do His teachings,
When we trusted Him and repeated his works, his memories.
We will become His body.

Jesus also the inclination to obey His Father.
And His disciples or the chosen ones are those who kept on inclining to maintain Jesus
His inclinations, His laws, His properties.
Let's practice Jesus.

His kingdom will come on earth as it is in Heaven
And His kingdom will stay on forever.
I'm not suggesting that Jesus actually wasn't risen from the dead
He was.
My purpose is to figure out how to become a part of His body.
To live forever in Love.