Sunday, August 5, 2012

Who am I? v.02

What is consciousness? Who are we?
Materials in our body keeps on changing, the substances or atoms in our cells today are those from foods we've eaten.
Therefore who are we maintaining? Who are we defending? Why do we want to survive? Why are we alive? Why we are we?

We are the inclination to keep us inclining forever.
We are our love. We are not just our body, our body are properties.
Properties are matters that prioritizes the owner all the time.
When our body stopped prioritizing us, we will die.

But then if the inclination were prioritized by other forms of matters,
Then the matters would become a property, and therefore the person would be alive.

Matters are set of laws,
We are set of laws... formation... memories.
We are love, laws, and properties. We are the inclination to maintain our memories.
Memories are formations formed from interactions.

Jesus will stay on forever, He is the inclination to keep His memory alive
when we remember Jesus, and re-do His teachings,
When we trusted Him and repeated his works, his memories.
We will become His body.

Jesus also the inclination to obey His Father.
And His disciples or the chosen ones are those who kept on inclining to maintain Jesus
His inclinations, His laws, His properties.
Let's practice Jesus.

His kingdom will come on earth as it is in Heaven
And His kingdom will stay on forever.
I'm not suggesting that Jesus actually wasn't risen from the dead
He was.
My purpose is to figure out how to become a part of His body.
To live forever in Love.

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