Thursday, October 20, 2011

More evil tricks to watch out v.03

People make mistakes, but the good thing is when exposed with truth, they could realize their mistakes and change.

However bad people thrive by making use of others' mistakes... by identifying what bad things that could happen out of others' mistakes, he/she/they could early set their position.

Not only they don't tell people of their mistakes, they also might create distractions from people realizing their mistakes. Such distractions by giving people impressions that they have done other mistakes that might jeopardize their reputiation. So instead of repairing the actual mistake, victims focus on proving that they didn't commit mistakes and that they are reputable people.

These tricks could be even more dangerous, if victims ended up feeling safe / that they are without fault. Victims could adopt a false confidence that their weaknesses are all out of rumours and politics, and that they might not have actually committed a serious mistake. During crucial time, the bad people would use their knowledge of the victim's mistake to really destroy the victim's confidence and reputation.

Be careful. Pray, discover solutions, and win in Love. Eph 6:10-20, pray for our fellow brothers and sisters also so that they could be delivered from evil and win.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Do I understand more now? v.03

I think I've understand more now... evil people is not always those who have bad intentions. Evil administrations were developed automatically when one is not participating in good.

Started with no evil intentions, but after a couple of troubles and frequent usage of non good administrations, one might develop evil intentions believing that doing so would provide him/her more love than otherwise.

Lies lies lies. It will ended up in unregulated destruction, less wealth, and less available competent solutions in reality.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Jesus is the way v.02 (it -> you)

Jesus is the only way...
There's no catch, no chances... some fail some success... there's none of that in terms of Love.

It's 100% yes or no, the strongest spirit in the universe, the beginning and the end.

"I'm the way the truth and the light... no one comes to the Father but through Me."

Keep on breeding is not the real solution... the real solution is Jesus. Have yourself incline towards what Jesus wants... it you will be practiced and practiced and practiced forever.

My mistake about evil v.02 (and about Judging)

I thought there are times that evil want to defend itself, to survive.
But evil exist because of good. Whatever it is that's not participating in good, would automatically be evil.
Evil is everything that doesn't support good. Evil emerged not by initiative but by accident, while good emerged out of initiatives.

So everytime people create good administrations, new evil would be created automatically as well.
Whatever it is that's not supportive of that good administration would be evil. Compare to, Mark 9:40, this is just my opinion.

But pay careful attention in Judging, since it's not in our power to Judge whether or not certain administrations really were good, really were supportive of the original Good or not its not in our power as one's self to say whats really fair and what really not to happen or to do to other people. Leave it to the court of law as Jesus did. As the Holy Spirit is not the spirit of chaos, but the spirit of order.

Friday, October 14, 2011

A possiblity v.06

I wonder why God didn't make the world so that many solutions would not be available, if not all the people in the world had received help that they deserve. So people with more solutions could only complete their set by helping others.

But then maybe God has created it that way... maybe people who are successful using evil means don't deserve those solutions less than those that are worse off than them.

Poor people also do bad things to other people. In fact, we could discover teenagers do bad things like hitting and extorting others for fun.

Well, its not my place to judge, this is just a consideration, a probability. Like Job and Jesus, I believe that God could let bad things happen to good people.

But there's no harm in trying this. If my theory is working, you could reduce the level of relevance of bad people's solutions, those that don't respect God's principals, just by helping yourself, your family, and your community to ask forgiveness from God, to respect the law, to do the right thing. Maybe by maintaining the right thing, we'd be able to make it a priority for the world to work together with us in order to complete more relevant solutions.

Probably this is also why there are many temptations being spread to our media and culture. Probably some people out there think that there is a possibility that by reducing people's disciplines, they could maintain their level of worth. Yes I'm referring to feodality... not as in political necessity, but as in the self centered mentality.

Through integrity towards Love, old solutions will pass and the appropriate solutions will be revealed.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Helpful Companies

Companies that are helpful would initiate growth to other companies. If a company has reached its limit of growing, but companies influenced by its products experienced major growth, then the company is working well.
But when the economy is down and people were still buying and selling shares like crazy, that's pure speculation... what help will it provide overall?

Lies v.03

Lets say for illustration:

I went to the casino, I gave them 10 bucks to bet on a card, turned out I loose... but I got entertained.
The 10 bucks is prove that I've helped before, and now I deserve to be helped back by the society.
By giving it to the casino, I said to the system, by helping the casino you would've had helped me already.

Now the next time I came, I bet all of my pension money... and loose.
Does the amount of the pension money represent that the casino has helped me and by helping the casino the system would've payed helped me back?
No right? Because its not helping, my pension money spent on gambling, it gave me less food, less housing, less entertainment, that's not helping. So if the money were used by the casino to buy something, the casino would be lying to the provider of help, that the it deserved to be helped back.

(I'm not saying that I as the gambler should have the right to take that money back. What I'm saying is the casino should only take as much as the help it has provided, that is entertaining and educating... beyond that should be returned back to the system). -> My mistake there, the person might had made bad decisions but it doesn't change the fact that he/she might had provided significant amounts of help to the society, so beyond the value for entertainment and education, the money should be given back to him/her.

The love of money is the root of all evil, honest working casino must prevent people from spending away their pension money for speculation.
Just as stock market providers must prevent traders from speculating, selling bad stocks to people, spreading rumours and lies.

There must be ceilings on how high a stock price could be. Price of a stock could only go as far as some bit above the retained earnings plus the ability of the company to help the society. Beyond that its definately overpriced and authorities could definately ban people from selling it at that price.

For example, total shareholders equity: 2 million dollars, total shares 2 million, current price: 1.2 dollars per share... government could put ceiling on 1.9, beyond 1.9 the share could not be bought on the share market, unless there's reasonably reliable input that the company are making profit as much as the book value of the company.

Also programmers could make a system that could monitor each stocks, who bought them, and how much have the stocks gave returns to their owners.
The program would identify speculators or bad stockholders by looking at the history of the stock transactions. People who tend to buy the stock at prices higher than what they turned out to be now would be rated down as much as the difference between current price and the price when they bought it plus the dividends paid during that time.
Future buyers could filter future sellers from this rating, and would be able to only make transactions with people who are credible and avoid speculators that only bought stocks to take advantages out of other people.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who is greater? v.03

Spirits initiate interactions, Inclinations is the beginning of administrations. All inclinations have their counter inclinations... inclinations to be free countered by inclinations to not be free, inclinations to know the truth countered by inclinations to be lied upon.

Inclinations work together to prioritize higher inclinations... inclinations to reassure work together with inclination to be methodical, in order to support inclinations to know the truth. Sometimes in order to support an inclination, 2 polars of inclinations work together... interchangeably, simultaneously... for example, in order to support the inclination to be safe, inclination to follow conservative procedure is used at one time, and inclination to experiment is used in another, or simultaneously...

However the spirit of doing good, and the spirit of doing bad... the spirit of love and the spirit to not love is at war with each other. They are the highest priorities for administrations or laws of the reality. Who is greater?

Sometimes we worry that evil might destroy our life, our work, and made us fail, and that they are strong, smart, and witty. But if we work for God in accordance with his will, I believe that there are already available, strong administrations in reality, that are fighting the enemy.

"The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world."

All we got to do is to participate with God, to be a part of His administration. His administration is lovely, working, mutually supportive, sustainable, caring for all, peaceful, calming, empowering self control, engulf everything, always available, varies in form/relevant multidimensionally, life friendly.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Invest Right v.02

Invest in the right administration. How to know where to invest?

You need to determine which tendency supports love, and what administrations supports those tendencies. Then allocate your money to support the administration or to support the people are supporting the administrations and to give thanks to those who have supported the administrations.

Tendencies to support:
The tendency to maintain availability of mutual solutions in the community.
The tendendy to give thanks to sources of solutions.

Entropy zero, Stable Administration v.03

Stable administrations would be administrations that prioritize the right tendency.

The standard to determine which tendencies are to be prioritized could be found in the Word of God.

If we don't prioritize the right tendencies, our administrations would be unstable, hard to safely grow.

Therefore I identify this tendency... the tendency to prioritize the right tendency.
And I ask... what administrations will support the tendency to prioritize the right tendency?

Hirarki Kecenderungan v.02

Agar bisa terus berinteraksi, kecenderungan bergantian melakukan interaksinya... menggunakan hukum diantara mereka, tanpa hukum tak mungkin interaksi demi interaksi bisa terus bisa terjadi.

Ada kecenderungan yang diutamakan, ada kecenderungan yang kemudian baru diutamakan. Sistemnya kalau dimengerti, bisa digunakan.

Masalahnya sekarang, kita masih sulit mengidentifikasi, kenapa administrasi ini digunakan? kenapa administrasi-administrasi ini bisa bekerja? dan kalau mau bertumbuh bagaimana caranya agar administrasi yang kita inisiasikan mendukung mutual solution atau solusi yang saling menguntungkan.
Kalau kita tahu hirarki kecenderungan yang ingin dilayani oleh administrasi2 tersebut....

No enemies?

When we look at the tendency to not have any enemies, the administrations created from this tendency must not be realistic... and should be changed... because all inclinations have their contrasts.

I'm not saying for us to create administration to make enemies... I'm saying whatever administrations we create, contrasts must be anticipated because they only could exist.

Faith and Life v.03

What is life?

I guess we all could agree that living beings are those that can initiate interactions in reality, in order to keep on being able to initiate interactions.
What could be more essential to life than spirits?
Without inclination, without tendency towards something, there would be no life itself.
The real initiators of interactions in reality are spirits.

Could spirits be dead?

Ofcourse there is life there should be death. Spirits that doesn't translate to any interactions forever are dead. They exist but they are dead.

Since spirits are inclinations then they must have had their contrasts. The inclinations to think vs the inclinations to not think, the inclinations to do vs the inclinations to not do. Sometimes one inclinations work well with the first polar, other times the inclinations work well the other polars. In terms of time, things changes and they all could be alive.

But there is a spirit at least that is different.
That is the inclination to keep on experiencing interactions forever. Love

If Love died, then His contrast will die too... I mean if interactions after interactions ceased from happening, there would be no more inclinations to not experiencing interactions forever...

But if Love's contrast died... Love and everything else could just be alive.

The enemy of love is the bad link.

(to be continued).

Mari mendukung sistem mau berterimakasih v.02

Dalam sistem mau berterimakasih, anggotanya akan diperlakukan seperti yang di Alkitab... yang terdahulu menjadi yang terkemudian, yang terkemudian menjadi terdahulu. Dalam arti, gengsi atau kecemburuan itu tidak penting.

Dalam sistem mau berterimakasih, anggota boleh dari awal sudah ada, boleh baru datang kemarin... selama solusi - solusi dijaga dengan betul, hanya teknis dan tingkat relevansi dari solusi / administrasi / sistem yang penting.

Jangan khawatir, kita boleh sudah puluhan tahun hidup dalam sistem yang tidak mau berterimakasih... hukum yang terbakar di insting kita boleh sangat berbeda... tapi sistem yang mau berterimakasih itu juga nyata, dan lebih baik.
Tidak usah khawatir tidak mendapat akses kepada solusi karena harus belajar lagi, kekhawatiran-kekhawatiran akan status hanya relevan karena ketidak mauan untuk berterimakasih. Kalau belajar lagi untuk sistem yang mau berterimakasih, akses kepada solusi secara wajar akan tersedia.
Tidak usah khawatir menjadi pantat piramida, tidak usah khawatir harus memperbudak sesama sumber solusi, karena sistem yang dipakai adalah mesh / internet / interkoneksi bebas.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hell (What are Spirits continued)

Spirits are inclinations. So in my theory, the Father must be the inclination to incline.

Moving on...
I conclude that Hell is a place of those who doesn't incline towards experiencing interactions forever, a place where they kept on experiencing interactions after interactions forever... because there's no escaping of Love.

Without love nothing matters. Without love existence couldn't be. What is existence? Existence is the answer to the questions about potential interactions... without love the question would never be asked.

After reading christian with a view blog I should add that Hell is not only a place for those who inclined towards not inclining (sounds contradictary? thats exactly why it is evil). But also a place for those who inclined towards experiencing interactions but didn't got it right, or didn't do it properly.

We might want to interact with our families, we might want to keep ourselves happy... but if we decided to not care about whether or not our decisions were appropriate, in terms of love, then that would just be a lie, wouldn't it?

Hell would be a place of isolation keeping interactions that are not supportive of love unpracticed.

Let me ask, if we really love life and our businesses... if we really care and love our families, would we ruin our own reputation and our peace of mind, our children's reputation, our children's access to life solutions in the future, our future grandchildrens which our childrens would really love... by destroying the economy? Wouldn't we want our personality to become a positive part of reality in the future? Wouldn't we want our successors inherit empowering and lovely solutions from us instead of non lovely solutions?

Non lovely solutions only good to be isolated anyway.

Contribute to youth v.02

What differenciate the old and the young is their curiosity. Being young in spirit is about being curious. Seems simple enough but not many decided to took action upon this.

How many questions is it that's in your mind? How many issues is it that we have in our memory classified as to be classified?

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The Enemy v.06

Love is the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever. And Love has won, I believe that the universe will keep on experiencing interactions forever.

The problem is not whether or not interactions would keep on happening, but whether or not you and I would became a part of a system that maintain the interactions with LOVE everytime.

Love is the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever. And there is the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions with the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever.

We don't have to worry on how to keep on experiencing interactions forever, we just worry about how to keep on experiencing interactions with the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever. And this is so easy to do we won't have a chance to worry about it, if we genuinely want to interact with Love. Just love... just love... just want something.

Avoid, reject, create administrations to isolate, the tendency to not wanting anything. Maintain ourselves from not wanting anything. We don't have to want everything, just never be not wanting anything.

Plan ahead for this, don't give up.
One thing that could stop our access to love:
- Addictive substances -> After consuming these, other interactions would be less wanted. The danger is to get into a point where interactions with addictive substances were not satisfying anymore, and most other interactions available for the user out there were only interactions that he/she doesn't considered as special... like sport stuff and work stuff... so the user would ended up not wanting.

Avoid making people harder to satisfy... as this would increase the risk that such administrations would be used back on us in due time. If you do something you create a part of reality... and those patterns, unless isolated would kept on propagating fractally.

What we must do is to isolate all solutions that were to make people less wanting to love, and define them properly as they are... so that they won't be used ever again.

Time exist due to irreversibility. Our intuition of time is that total interactions are always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new. Lots and lots of special things have emerged, are emerging, and about to start emerging in reality, its a waste to detriment our tendency to grasp them.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The body and the blood of Christ v.02

Humans when faced in very degrading, painful, and hopeless circumstances, used to prefer to not wanting to keep on experiencing interactions anymore.
This means that the human was separated from Love.
But Jesus when suffered pain, humiliation, darkness... keep on wanting to experience interactions with the Love. He said Eli eli, lama sabhactani...

This is prove that Jesus himself despite a human, is also Love himself. When you separate Jesus from lovely experiences, he became the lovely experience himself. He is Love, he is God, he is a human.

By being like Him. We'd be a part of Love.

(Inspired after attending ceremony at GPdI Bethesda church Makassar. Pdt. Ferry da Costa). This morning.

Tuhan sudah menang, bagaimana dengan kita?

Kalau pengertian saya tentang cinta benar, bahwa cinta adalah kecenderungan untuk terus menerus mengalami interaksi selamanya. Dan Tuhan adalah cinta. Berarti kemenangan Tuhan adalah bahwa segalanya akan terus mengalami interaksi demi interaksi selamanya.

Sekarang masalahnya bukan lagi apakah kita akan mengalami interaksi demi interaksi selamanya, tapi apakah kita akan cenderung, atau kita akan terus berinklinasi untuk terus menerus mengalami interaksi selamanya, atau apakah kita akan bersama dengan Roh Kudus atau tidak.

Kesenangan kesenangan dan kenikmatan bukanlah hal yang harus dihindari, melainkan harus dicari, tentang ini kemungkinan umumnya kita tidak ada masalah. Tapi apakah kesenangan - kesenangan ini kemudian membuat kita tetap senang? tetap cenderung untuk mencintai? atau malah membuat kita tidak menikmati interaksi?