Saturday, October 8, 2011

Hell (What are Spirits continued)

Spirits are inclinations. So in my theory, the Father must be the inclination to incline.

Moving on...
I conclude that Hell is a place of those who doesn't incline towards experiencing interactions forever, a place where they kept on experiencing interactions after interactions forever... because there's no escaping of Love.

Without love nothing matters. Without love existence couldn't be. What is existence? Existence is the answer to the questions about potential interactions... without love the question would never be asked.

After reading christian with a view blog I should add that Hell is not only a place for those who inclined towards not inclining (sounds contradictary? thats exactly why it is evil). But also a place for those who inclined towards experiencing interactions but didn't got it right, or didn't do it properly.

We might want to interact with our families, we might want to keep ourselves happy... but if we decided to not care about whether or not our decisions were appropriate, in terms of love, then that would just be a lie, wouldn't it?

Hell would be a place of isolation keeping interactions that are not supportive of love unpracticed.

Let me ask, if we really love life and our businesses... if we really care and love our families, would we ruin our own reputation and our peace of mind, our children's reputation, our children's access to life solutions in the future, our future grandchildrens which our childrens would really love... by destroying the economy? Wouldn't we want our personality to become a positive part of reality in the future? Wouldn't we want our successors inherit empowering and lovely solutions from us instead of non lovely solutions?

Non lovely solutions only good to be isolated anyway.

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