Sunday, October 9, 2011

Faith and Life v.03

What is life?

I guess we all could agree that living beings are those that can initiate interactions in reality, in order to keep on being able to initiate interactions.
What could be more essential to life than spirits?
Without inclination, without tendency towards something, there would be no life itself.
The real initiators of interactions in reality are spirits.

Could spirits be dead?

Ofcourse there is life there should be death. Spirits that doesn't translate to any interactions forever are dead. They exist but they are dead.

Since spirits are inclinations then they must have had their contrasts. The inclinations to think vs the inclinations to not think, the inclinations to do vs the inclinations to not do. Sometimes one inclinations work well with the first polar, other times the inclinations work well the other polars. In terms of time, things changes and they all could be alive.

But there is a spirit at least that is different.
That is the inclination to keep on experiencing interactions forever. Love

If Love died, then His contrast will die too... I mean if interactions after interactions ceased from happening, there would be no more inclinations to not experiencing interactions forever...

But if Love's contrast died... Love and everything else could just be alive.

The enemy of love is the bad link.

(to be continued).

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