The Logos

Why Logos?
Why Jesus is the Logos?

Why not the Letter?
Or why not the Matter?

I think it's because the world is not about the objects, it's about the relationships.

Why Jesus is the Logos?
I believe one of the reason is that relationships within The Kingdom of God are going to be the best kinds of relationship, that would last forever, truthfully.

Let's make it happen

(The blind see, the deaf hears, the depressed become in love with living, the needy got their needs met, the dead become alive, and the joy is everlasting). Amen

Genre justice issue in my point of view of Christianity v.02

Genre shenanigans could be ended if people agreed on this:
2 types of Genres:
1. Social Genre
2. Biological Genre

The story of Adam and Eve discovered the concept of nakedness after eating the fruit of good and evil, shows that private parts or sexual issues could influence humanity's subconscious greatly. It's so great that other people who have access to our subconscious could cause us serious depression.
So covering up and having the concept of privacy became very relevant due to the judgemental nature of human beings.

In terms of biological genre or sex, some people might find that exposing it, is equal to nakedness. It might be as embarrassing as stating whether or not you are impotent on your passport.

So maybe the real purpose of the whole genre shenanigans is to have biological genres be privatized.

I found that to be reasonable, however, we should not forget that the deepest issue here is not nakedness but judging. People especially Christians, I invite you all to ac…

The Kingdom of God is Family

When you failed your family will support you
When you're successful the world will

My Own E-Currency

Create a market platform where the members could create their own currency.
Each currency should corresponds to the services they could provide, so for example 100 Melki Dollar equals to the creation of 1 yearly financial statement for a small company.
These currencies then traded in the site's market.
Reputation level increased every time the currency completed a circle (it's used to buy services from the creator). And the site will record the journey of the currency. A complete circle rating also considers rating from the costumer who ended the cycle. So every time a currency made a circle the costumer would be asked to give a rating about the service it received, whether they are satisfied with it or not. 
Every 5 or 6 years is the Jobel period when all currencies made 5-6 years ago expired.
Expired currencies will be recorded in the user's history, even though it would not affect the rating because they should not cancel each other for a reason I won't explain now…

How to optimize that fruit of good and evil

Create standards of what's acceptable and what's not while looking at yourself, past, present, and the future.
Standards that you set when looking at other people are viruses, on the other hand ones that you set while looking at yourselves are vaccines.

There's a reason why the whole bible is devoted to tell the story that God himself came to the world to become a forgiveness activist, and He put His own flesh and blood on it.

The standard you set while looking at other people, used upon yourself could potentially wreck you, on the other hand it's hard to make yourself laugh tickling yourself, it's hard to make yourself depressed out of standards made to take care of yourself.

12 Rules for life by Dr. Jordan Peterson is great, I value every money I spent on it.

Arisan dengan format Komsel

Kegiatan sharing dan belajar seperti komunitas sel, tapi ketika waktu "persembahan"/arisan, yang mendapat giliran mendapatkan arisan terlebih dahulu menjelaskan apa yang ingin dicapainya, bisa menolong saudaranya, atau membeli kebutuhannya, atau berterimakasih kepada seseorang, dan lain lain. Sumbangan kemudian dijalankan dan para hadirin komsel menyumbang sekehendak hati mereka.
Kali komsel selanjutnya, yang mendapatkan arisan yang lalu memberikan pertanggung jawaban akan penggunaan uang tersebut dan hasilnya.

Tujuan dari kegiatan ini:

1. Membantu mengumpulkan dana untuk tujuan yang besar yang sulit dicapai sendirian
2. Berusaha bersahabat dengan baik dan produktif dan saling menghormati adalah keuntungan ekstra.
3. Menghormati kegiatan akuntansi dan audit
4. Melatih public speaking/presentasi, articulation skills, dan stakeholders empathy.
5. Menghormati konteks atau tema rohani dibalik keberhasilan material.

God is not Absolutely omnipotent yet

God is very very powerful, based on what I know about Christianity I say that God is the infinite % absolutely omnipotent.
The fact that there’s depression, and extreme sufferings in the world proves that God is not yet absolutely omnipotent, He is not able to create a solution to achieve what’s going to be achieved without letting those took place in existence.
However I feel that we humans are here in order to help God achieve that. And when He achieve that, I want to be a part of the success. And I’m going to be a part of the success