Monday, December 19, 2011

An Indonesian Christian Song v.02

What's the title of this song?

Anak Allah (Son of God)
Yesus namanya (His name is Jesus)
Menyembuhkan (He Heals)
Menyucikan (He sanctifies)

Bahkan mati (He even died)
Tebus dosaku (For my sins)
Kubur kosong membuktikan Dia hidup (The empty tomb proves that He's alive).

Sbab Dia Hidup (Because He's alive)
Ada hari esok (There's tomorrow)
Sbab Dia Hidup (Because He's alive)
Ku tak Gentar (I'm not afraid)

Karena ku tahu (Because I know)
Dia pegang hari esok (Tommorow is in His hand)
Hidup jadi berarti sbab Dia hidup (Life is meaningful because He's alive).

Monday, December 5, 2011

Beauty v.02

I think that sense of attraction is one's expression of worries. A person will seem to be attractive if he/she seem to be able to manage his/ her worries.

So, I classify 2 types of beauty:
1. One that has set of solutions adequate to manage his/her problems
2. One that ignore problems around him / her.

Don't focus just on beauty, the most important thing is to be in God. God is the source of solutions, He gives He also takes.

Proverb 31: 10 - 31