Friday, October 19, 2012

Real or Not Real

See my previous post and the previous one before it.

So if the inclination got prioritized only in our mind, would it still become stronger?
Yes I think so, because when you ended up making mistakes what would happen? Your mind wants to do what it thought before even more.
So yes, if you have good intentions keep on thinking about it. But also keep on wanting the truth for you. Because when you believe something, you release control over yourself. If you believe in the truth you'll release control to God. That's why in the bible it says faith without acts is dead.
Believing in the Holy Spirit will lead to good acts, and unprioritization of bad inclinations.
Believing without acting to prioritize God in your life is the same as not believing.

Evil spirits when they believe in God, they surpress themselves. Only when they tie to the inclination of not believing in God will they be able to act. They must consider everything real is just an illusion for them to be able to act. That's my opinion. Satan won't admit Jesus is the lamb of God who died to redeem us. Satan is living in its own imagination, the only reason why it has influence in the reality is because either Lucifer / Humans practiced him in their mind first.

But Lucifer will be no more, Satan's body will be the beast, but this too will be banished.
Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why can't Lucifer be an angel who sinned but not Satan?

Contradictory Inclinations

See my previous post,
Another argument to point out my mistake would be, how come by not doing anything, you'd risk the life of him less than acting upon the inclination to help him?

Inclinations exist not only in your mind but also outside your consciousness. Therefore when you acted upon your feelings / thinking, while having the wrong view about the universe... the inclination would be prioritized only in the wrong universe of your mind, but not in the truthful universe where the Holy Spirit is.

Holy is differenciating between Satan and God. Filter, differenciation, I'm me therefore I'm not you, I'm me because I'm not you, this important element makes up the truth and relevance.
If you don't have the Holy, then your world is wrong, you live in a universe of lies while still having a body that's existing in the truthful universe.
However the body and the actions are based not on what you think they are based upon, but they reacts and acts controlled by forces not upon your interests.
The only way to realize the truth is by having the Holy Spirit. Please always prioritize on knowing and serving the truth.

In case of the example in the previous post,
In your mind you inclined to help him, so you lift the piece that's not dangerous in your mind. And yes the inclination to help him will be prioritized in an instant, in your mind. But as soon as you realize the truth, that the piece was actually dangerous that it wasn't the piece of rubble that's in your mind... your body has moved by itself. (under the influence of the inclination to hurt him).
I hope I could explain this better.

Explanation for some contradictory inclinations

I think spirits are inclinations, if I'm wrong please point out my mistakes.
But how come there's such thing as mistakes?
When you tried to help people, you support the inclination to help people right? But how come some when they tried to help people they ended up making things worse? Significantly?

Example: There's an earthquacke, a man trapped inside rubbles of heavy concretes. You have the inclination to save him, but the inclination to hurt him has got its administrations in positions already.
If in attempt to save him you lifted up the wrong piece, he'll die.
The act of lifting up the rubble should've done in support for the inclination to save him, but how come it would be in support of the inclination to hurt him? Surely the inclinations are not fake.
If the guy got killed by your actions, the inclination to help him would not be prioritized even in the future. So how come Melki's theory that the world are products of inclinations supports the idea that everytime you acted upon an inclination you'd make it stronger?

My current reasoning:
The situation already support the opposite inclination more. So took much more administrations or supports from other inclinations to get the inclination to help the person became prioritized.

I know it might not be able to deal with all of the issues risen by the theory but I hope I'll figure this out in the future.

Monday, October 15, 2012

My attempt to describe Christianity part 2 v.02

This is part 1

I just want to correct, the problem and solutions idea was over generalizing. The correct way of saying it is, humans were not aware of the existence of "deadly" problems and solutions. Not just problems and solutions. So God let humans oblivious to the problem of evil.
Because now I think that in order to be able to enjoy something, you have to be able to understand problems and solutions. But not necessarily the problem of Evil.

My previous pastor has been correct all along, in my opinon, that maybe God will let humans eat the fruit someday in the future. Maybe yes, maybe not, how could I know. But sin is the violation to God's law.