Friday, October 19, 2012

Explanation for some contradictory inclinations

I think spirits are inclinations, if I'm wrong please point out my mistakes.
But how come there's such thing as mistakes?
When you tried to help people, you support the inclination to help people right? But how come some when they tried to help people they ended up making things worse? Significantly?

Example: There's an earthquacke, a man trapped inside rubbles of heavy concretes. You have the inclination to save him, but the inclination to hurt him has got its administrations in positions already.
If in attempt to save him you lifted up the wrong piece, he'll die.
The act of lifting up the rubble should've done in support for the inclination to save him, but how come it would be in support of the inclination to hurt him? Surely the inclinations are not fake.
If the guy got killed by your actions, the inclination to help him would not be prioritized even in the future. So how come Melki's theory that the world are products of inclinations supports the idea that everytime you acted upon an inclination you'd make it stronger?

My current reasoning:
The situation already support the opposite inclination more. So took much more administrations or supports from other inclinations to get the inclination to help the person became prioritized.

I know it might not be able to deal with all of the issues risen by the theory but I hope I'll figure this out in the future.

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