Friday, October 19, 2012

Contradictory Inclinations

See my previous post,
Another argument to point out my mistake would be, how come by not doing anything, you'd risk the life of him less than acting upon the inclination to help him?

Inclinations exist not only in your mind but also outside your consciousness. Therefore when you acted upon your feelings / thinking, while having the wrong view about the universe... the inclination would be prioritized only in the wrong universe of your mind, but not in the truthful universe where the Holy Spirit is.

Holy is differenciating between Satan and God. Filter, differenciation, I'm me therefore I'm not you, I'm me because I'm not you, this important element makes up the truth and relevance.
If you don't have the Holy, then your world is wrong, you live in a universe of lies while still having a body that's existing in the truthful universe.
However the body and the actions are based not on what you think they are based upon, but they reacts and acts controlled by forces not upon your interests.
The only way to realize the truth is by having the Holy Spirit. Please always prioritize on knowing and serving the truth.

In case of the example in the previous post,
In your mind you inclined to help him, so you lift the piece that's not dangerous in your mind. And yes the inclination to help him will be prioritized in an instant, in your mind. But as soon as you realize the truth, that the piece was actually dangerous that it wasn't the piece of rubble that's in your mind... your body has moved by itself. (under the influence of the inclination to hurt him).
I hope I could explain this better.

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