Friday, October 19, 2012

Real or Not Real

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So if the inclination got prioritized only in our mind, would it still become stronger?
Yes I think so, because when you ended up making mistakes what would happen? Your mind wants to do what it thought before even more.
So yes, if you have good intentions keep on thinking about it. But also keep on wanting the truth for you. Because when you believe something, you release control over yourself. If you believe in the truth you'll release control to God. That's why in the bible it says faith without acts is dead.
Believing in the Holy Spirit will lead to good acts, and unprioritization of bad inclinations.
Believing without acting to prioritize God in your life is the same as not believing.

Evil spirits when they believe in God, they surpress themselves. Only when they tie to the inclination of not believing in God will they be able to act. They must consider everything real is just an illusion for them to be able to act. That's my opinion. Satan won't admit Jesus is the lamb of God who died to redeem us. Satan is living in its own imagination, the only reason why it has influence in the reality is because either Lucifer / Humans practiced him in their mind first.

But Lucifer will be no more, Satan's body will be the beast, but this too will be banished.
Praise the Lord Jesus Christ.

Why can't Lucifer be an angel who sinned but not Satan?

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