Sunday, June 26, 2011

Meanings, Heaven, and Earth v.02

So we know that elements behaved differently when they were observed.
This is perhaps the prove of heaven.

New meanings in earth, needs "space", therefore heaven needs to run certain adjustments first so that the new meaning would have its appropriate roles in the earth.

Its like when you observed materials, you'd gave rise to new nexuses, or meanings in the world. But there's another universe, where these meanings were audited first, tested for bugs, and then certified, and then took place in the universe. The new meaning changed the whole reality, without we even feeling it.

Love and Memory v.02

Memory is copy of information. Informations are laws.

Illustration: An elephant lifted a man. That's an information, the law is that a man could be lifted by elephants.

When a memory loves, when a memory wants to keep on experiencing interactions forever, its became an element of life.

Who am I? Who are you?
We are the memories we want to defend.

Could memories interact? What are the laws?

Imagine having a robot that could remember. Let's name it RRR. RRR could memorize all events because it has built in camera and a memory disk on it. It has a consciousness program, to predict the future, whether or not it would keep on experiencing interactions forever. And RRR would choose to keep on experiencing interactions forever. So when its battery was low, it classified the information as threat, and would look for solutions in its memory. It found a picture of electrical plugs, defined it as lovely, or maybe it has classified it as lovely beforehand, and then considered it as solution. So it went for the plug and attached itself...

So now you could access its codes, and then make copies of them... put it in 3 different bodies, and destroyed the body of RRR completely. What would you say... would you say that they are not RRR?
They are RRR, but now they are RRR1 RRR2 RRR3, but they are still RRR because they have RRR's memory.

Lets say that you erased some of the RRR's memory from RRR1, so it only has half of RRR's memory. RRR1 would not be RRR anymore, but it would became a totally new and different robot.

Let's say you only erase 10% of RRR's memory from RRR2, RRR2 still became a totally new robot. You need the whole set of memory to make up an identity.

Now let's say that you gave RRR3 new memories, new patterns, new skills, but kept RRR's memory. RRR3 is still the RRR, only better stronger.

So the way memory interact is, to help other memories define, what's lovely and what's not lovely.

So to be in love, people need to focus to discover, or make, lovely memories. Not non mutually but mutually, because non mutuality don't support love.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Consciousness and Responsibility

So life is constant writing of memory based on reality. Your identity is your whole memory, if some of them were taken away permanently... you'd became another person.
When the administration that defend the constant writing of memory did a crime, one way to allocate responsibility is to erase the memory that took part in the crime decision making.

Jesus' sacrifice has made such way of taking responsibility not needed for those who believed in Him, because the administration that had believed in Jesus, had in the memory, the consequences of the crime, that's the blood of the innocents (one way or the other it will ended up that way).

We are our filters (wrong) We are our memory

We are our filters. We are our memory

Thursday, June 23, 2011

What I wanted to say

The common mistake is to think that values behaved like the 1st law of thermodynamics, increase for one = decrease for another. No, knowing that the scarcity of the world is of mutual solutions, there's still a lot of room for increases of total values. The maximum would be the state of zero entropy, but I'm not going to talk about it in this paragraph. So values in tv and radio could increase together with values in subscription and community services... without reducing values for other sectors.

Please forgive me v.02

Please forgive me, because of my lack of support to the law that supports the authors of mutual solutions.
Please forgive me, because of me some of you who are very good at art, programming, researching, must work to become doctors, lawyers, merchants, etc.
Please forgive me, because of me you who are very good at being doctors, lawyers, merchants, etc must put up with these people who doesn't care. Because of me, you who potentially could make very very good products of your field didn't realize that potential.

Other comments of mine v.02

 This one is about money:

The essence of money is that it is a promise, as well as it is endorsement, that this guy who has the money has performed a certain degree of help. Now this guy deserves to be helped back by the community, or in relevant case, the global community. You want to expel evil from money, you need to expel the lies. Not all who had money had performed the degree of help his/her money represent.

Every transaction needs to be audited, do transfers of money supports love or not. If not then the transfer of money is not appropriate and should not be endorsed by the economy / the law / humans.

This one is about ethics... I made this comment on a Ted talk in youtube:

Love is the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever. Freedom is when all non mutual relationships are replaced by mutual relationship. Mutual in terms of love. Consciousness exist due to the ability to resist certain interactions, to choose. And the law within love is to keep on experiencing interactions and to not interact in the way that doesn't lead to interactions after interactions. Ethical is when you make a decision that accomodates love. What do you think?

This one is about copyright:

IMO to better allocate help to authors of mutual solutions, because the scarcity of the world is of mutual solutions, is to not monopoly materials that are publicly available and only monopoly materials that are made available only after you agree to a terms and conditions. Non subscription tv materials, should be free of copyright as well as public advertisements. So papers might only make news available only for those who agree to some t and c. That community then would endorse the journalists

(this is not an invalidation of copyright, on the opposite, there should be no community within a country that doesn't support copyright. All communities should support copyright both theirs and others').

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Meanings of the Authors

When dealing with intellectual properties, or when borrowing somebody's item. Arose this managibility of meaning. Where authors want to keep some meaning unchanged, acts by the borrowers might cause the occurence of unwanted meanings.

For example: I have a pen, I its mine, I like it, It is always there when I need it.
When you borrow my pen, there's a risk that the pen would be taken away from me, would be damaged, or would be considered as my allowing of the pen to be used by you all the time.

In terms of softwares, or other types of relationship... there's always this volatility of meanings. But if we relate with people or forces that respect contracts, that respects regulations, we would have the opportunity of getting the support to maintain these meanings.

However, in order to be fair for the borrowers, the law could be better in acknowledging the risks of the jurisdiction. Within some jurisdictions, such meanings normally doesn't hold for too long. Whether its because the location is full of thieves, or there's this culture of casually borrow other people's belonging without telling first, or because people are fighting often. Then the law would measure the authors' power within the jurisdiction. Could he/she maintain the meanings given the circumstances, if the software or the products were kept to themselves rather than licensed or borrowed to another party? On the other hand, given the power had by the user... what responsibility do they have? What cards were put on the table...

So it would be better, imo, if the law could sense... or measure... the normal level of volatility of some meanings that were going to be put into contracts, so that parties could fairly allocate responsibilities. Whether or not the meaning changed due to negligence, or crime done by the borrower... or due to the way things are in the environment.

My purpose of saying this, not to play with the politics in the society (some must've known what I mean). But to present, that sometimes, expecting people to conform with the terms and conditions made in another jurisdiction, could be considered as lazy. And that I propose authors, to make special terms and conditions for jurisdictions where they want to market their licenses to.

Monday, June 20, 2011

What the mob wanted v.05

Why did the mob exalted Jesus?
In my opinion they wanted a leader to lead them into war, to release their non mutual actions at the romans.

Jesus didn't reject when they acknowledged Him as from God
Jesus received the endorsement, but also the fire that came with it, and He decided not to pass it away to the romans.

This is just my opinion

Perhaps, those mob got angry and then channeled what they had prepared for the romans, to Jesus.

What Jesus' death contributes, imo v.03

Jesus let Himself die under the circumstances, so that a way could be opened. That the direction of the law, to be updated, will not be out of mob's subjectivity, not out of mob's power. But out of truth, out of investigations of the mutual informations (the truth).
Just because a mob was angry at a person, didn't make him the culprit. And just because everybody agreed on something, didn't mean it's the truth.

Jesus is the truth, the way, and the light. Love is the truth, and so mutual information is the truth, not non mutual information.

Mutual information = the truth. For example:
if Hitler asked where is the location of American's nuclear bomb, and you lied, that's not mutual information. Not telling would be the right thing to do.
All advantages acquired from lies, will conceive seeds of lies, in the future the method will be tempting to be used again.
It's not about the greatest enjoyment, its about the sustainability of enjoyment.

When a notice says: "The road will curves to the right"
If it turned out actually curving to the right then the information is mutual
if it didn't then the sign was not mutual.

Human's subjectives are dangerous... only God deserves to be the judge of the world.
God has appointed His representative, that is the Government, both the nice ones and the cruel ones.

Everybody thinks, and knew back then that Jesus didn't deserve such punishment. That's the catch, Jesus officially didn't deserve such punishment. But that's the way to Love, that's to broke the chain of death. To end the passing of fire, the passing of the bomb, at yourself, and end it forever.

So that people could enjoy less vengeance in their system, and more love.

Indonesian's overseas worker

Ruyati, an Indonesian who worked in the Saudi, has been killed, death sentenced by the Government of Saudi Arabia (, accessed at 11:49 am, 21st of June 2011). Why didn't they give any notices to our government first?


Yes Ruyati killed her mistress, but this is a billateral relationship. What a dissapointment, what a loss, a human life.

The Privacy Policy of This blog v.06

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Friday, June 17, 2011

On my youtube v.06

Jesus said that the truth will set you free... freedom is when all non mutual relationships, replaced by mutual relationships. The truth is mutual informations and lies are non mutual Informations. Lies have kept our priorities collided.

Love is the tendecy to keep on experiencing interactions forever. Interaction is the exercising of laws by the respective elements of the laws itself. The law within love is, to interact lovely and to not interact in ways that will not lead to interactions after interactions forever.

Time exist due to irreversibility (of interactions).The word is the beginning, together with love, and they made objects, materials, information, certainty, meaning...

The scarcity of the world is not of time nor energy but of mutual solutions. Mutual, in terms of love
There's only one reality, make lie no more let's classify all lies as lies, make failure history, make success intertia.

I think that materials that were made public by the authors should be able to be shared freely (copyright free). And those that were shared in exclusive environments, like you have to had agreed to some terms and conditions before being given access to enjoy such elements legally, are the ones that're better to be subjects of monopoly by the authors.

But I want to stay in the law, I want to respect the law as I believe we humans are creatures of order, we came from order, we identify rules, we change them, we maintain order, we create them, and we also share them with each other.

Make failure history

My Past Bulletins:

Jesus said the truth will set you free. Freedom is when mutual relationships replaces all non mutual relationships. Our war is not against flesh and blood, but against evil spirits, which are the non mutual laws

Consciousness wouldn't exist without the existence of predictability in the universe. Consciousness = Wisdom = Ability to predict the future

Our scarcity is not of time nor energy but of working solutions. In order to have working solutions you need working informations (truth), and the elimination of non working informations (lies). Make the world richer.

Elements of meaning

Information, Meaning, Certainty, Object ---> you don't talk about one without implying about the others.

So as:

Solutions, Administrations/Laws, Work

Values, Safety, Productivity, Reliability, Relevance, Appropriate Allocations.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Chasing Responsibilities

Is by knowing better about consciousness, people could better allocate responsibilities?
Is by knowing better about consciousness, people could manage responsibilities even in a case where the accused had died?
Perhaps, right?

Is it possible that one day people were going to raise people from their deaths? If you were one, would you fit into the future society? Would the society fit in with you? How would they allocate responsibilities, would you be held responsible for something in this life?

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Memory of the Universe

We could forget, but the truth is the truth... whatever traces that we have left behind, could be found again through investigations. The irreversibility of interactions is the memory of the universe. And so, there's always a chance that dead people could be brought back to live in the future.

Wow, came accross bruce lipton's talk about his book... check it out