Monday, June 20, 2011

What Jesus' death contributes, imo v.03

Jesus let Himself die under the circumstances, so that a way could be opened. That the direction of the law, to be updated, will not be out of mob's subjectivity, not out of mob's power. But out of truth, out of investigations of the mutual informations (the truth).
Just because a mob was angry at a person, didn't make him the culprit. And just because everybody agreed on something, didn't mean it's the truth.

Jesus is the truth, the way, and the light. Love is the truth, and so mutual information is the truth, not non mutual information.

Mutual information = the truth. For example:
if Hitler asked where is the location of American's nuclear bomb, and you lied, that's not mutual information. Not telling would be the right thing to do.
All advantages acquired from lies, will conceive seeds of lies, in the future the method will be tempting to be used again.
It's not about the greatest enjoyment, its about the sustainability of enjoyment.

When a notice says: "The road will curves to the right"
If it turned out actually curving to the right then the information is mutual
if it didn't then the sign was not mutual.

Human's subjectives are dangerous... only God deserves to be the judge of the world.
God has appointed His representative, that is the Government, both the nice ones and the cruel ones.

Everybody thinks, and knew back then that Jesus didn't deserve such punishment. That's the catch, Jesus officially didn't deserve such punishment. But that's the way to Love, that's to broke the chain of death. To end the passing of fire, the passing of the bomb, at yourself, and end it forever.

So that people could enjoy less vengeance in their system, and more love.

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