Sunday, June 26, 2011

Love and Memory v.02

Memory is copy of information. Informations are laws.

Illustration: An elephant lifted a man. That's an information, the law is that a man could be lifted by elephants.

When a memory loves, when a memory wants to keep on experiencing interactions forever, its became an element of life.

Who am I? Who are you?
We are the memories we want to defend.

Could memories interact? What are the laws?

Imagine having a robot that could remember. Let's name it RRR. RRR could memorize all events because it has built in camera and a memory disk on it. It has a consciousness program, to predict the future, whether or not it would keep on experiencing interactions forever. And RRR would choose to keep on experiencing interactions forever. So when its battery was low, it classified the information as threat, and would look for solutions in its memory. It found a picture of electrical plugs, defined it as lovely, or maybe it has classified it as lovely beforehand, and then considered it as solution. So it went for the plug and attached itself...

So now you could access its codes, and then make copies of them... put it in 3 different bodies, and destroyed the body of RRR completely. What would you say... would you say that they are not RRR?
They are RRR, but now they are RRR1 RRR2 RRR3, but they are still RRR because they have RRR's memory.

Lets say that you erased some of the RRR's memory from RRR1, so it only has half of RRR's memory. RRR1 would not be RRR anymore, but it would became a totally new and different robot.

Let's say you only erase 10% of RRR's memory from RRR2, RRR2 still became a totally new robot. You need the whole set of memory to make up an identity.

Now let's say that you gave RRR3 new memories, new patterns, new skills, but kept RRR's memory. RRR3 is still the RRR, only better stronger.

So the way memory interact is, to help other memories define, what's lovely and what's not lovely.

So to be in love, people need to focus to discover, or make, lovely memories. Not non mutually but mutually, because non mutuality don't support love.

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