Friday, June 17, 2011

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Jesus said that the truth will set you free... freedom is when all non mutual relationships, replaced by mutual relationships. The truth is mutual informations and lies are non mutual Informations. Lies have kept our priorities collided.

Love is the tendecy to keep on experiencing interactions forever. Interaction is the exercising of laws by the respective elements of the laws itself. The law within love is, to interact lovely and to not interact in ways that will not lead to interactions after interactions forever.

Time exist due to irreversibility (of interactions).The word is the beginning, together with love, and they made objects, materials, information, certainty, meaning...

The scarcity of the world is not of time nor energy but of mutual solutions. Mutual, in terms of love
There's only one reality, make lie no more let's classify all lies as lies, make failure history, make success intertia.

I think that materials that were made public by the authors should be able to be shared freely (copyright free). And those that were shared in exclusive environments, like you have to had agreed to some terms and conditions before being given access to enjoy such elements legally, are the ones that're better to be subjects of monopoly by the authors.

But I want to stay in the law, I want to respect the law as I believe we humans are creatures of order, we came from order, we identify rules, we change them, we maintain order, we create them, and we also share them with each other.

Make failure history

My Past Bulletins:

Jesus said the truth will set you free. Freedom is when mutual relationships replaces all non mutual relationships. Our war is not against flesh and blood, but against evil spirits, which are the non mutual laws

Consciousness wouldn't exist without the existence of predictability in the universe. Consciousness = Wisdom = Ability to predict the future

Our scarcity is not of time nor energy but of working solutions. In order to have working solutions you need working informations (truth), and the elimination of non working informations (lies). Make the world richer.

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