Thursday, June 23, 2011

Other comments of mine v.02

 This one is about money:

The essence of money is that it is a promise, as well as it is endorsement, that this guy who has the money has performed a certain degree of help. Now this guy deserves to be helped back by the community, or in relevant case, the global community. You want to expel evil from money, you need to expel the lies. Not all who had money had performed the degree of help his/her money represent.

Every transaction needs to be audited, do transfers of money supports love or not. If not then the transfer of money is not appropriate and should not be endorsed by the economy / the law / humans.

This one is about ethics... I made this comment on a Ted talk in youtube:

Love is the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever. Freedom is when all non mutual relationships are replaced by mutual relationship. Mutual in terms of love. Consciousness exist due to the ability to resist certain interactions, to choose. And the law within love is to keep on experiencing interactions and to not interact in the way that doesn't lead to interactions after interactions. Ethical is when you make a decision that accomodates love. What do you think?

This one is about copyright:

IMO to better allocate help to authors of mutual solutions, because the scarcity of the world is of mutual solutions, is to not monopoly materials that are publicly available and only monopoly materials that are made available only after you agree to a terms and conditions. Non subscription tv materials, should be free of copyright as well as public advertisements. So papers might only make news available only for those who agree to some t and c. That community then would endorse the journalists

(this is not an invalidation of copyright, on the opposite, there should be no community within a country that doesn't support copyright. All communities should support copyright both theirs and others').

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