Saturday, May 4, 2013

Why Sufferings? - God is recruiting

God is recruiting people of free will to become His body. Our cells move by itself, they don't always under our control and many times they are happy and some of them went through sufferings but they're still our body.
My cells are those who stick with me through sufferings and comfort. If there's a cell that won't be with me if I suffer then those cells are not my body. If I pinched my knee then it turned to become a cancer for me, then the knee is not my body.

God is hiring!

When he stopped His suffering, there would be no more new cells, no more new recruits. Suffering is our opportunity to take part in Him.

What about unbelievers who's poor? Jesus said blessed are those who are poor, blessed are those who are crying, blessed are those who are weak.

In the end all tounge shall confess that Jesus is God.

So suffering is God's grace upon us. If a muscle in our body was in pain, and our body won't feel it's pain and won't heal the muscle, wouldn't that parts of our body maybe not actually our body?
Even when we exercise to harm our own muscles, we hope that our body would be motivated to help the muscle so it would became stronger.
But God wasn't harming His muscle, humans harm themselves by disobeying God.


Melki Hassa said...

Personally I believe that our clinical body could be reraised scientifically in the future.

Death is not just the destruction of our body, but also separation from God the life. If you're not harmonious with God's system of no entropy, then you're dead because your wish is not practiced, living beings have their wishes practiced, and if you don't want life but there was life... then you're not alive.

Men only died once then comes judgement... means people will be harmonious again with God.

Melki Hassa said...

Then I think, this post doesn't explain about Job and Jesus, 2 righteous people God put into sufferings...
They didn't disobey God. However in the midst of harm, they still want to interact with God. THey really love God even in their sufferings.

I was wrong (God forgive me) I was wrong, suffering is not for the inclination to stop interacting. It's something else.
Suffering is our inclination to interact that's not fulfilled.
(Eli eli lama sabachtani)

Melki Hassa said...

yet (for believers)

Melki Hassa said...

Jesus' body is the body that was from the 6 days world. But after the fall, the 6 days world is only harmonious when humans in it were disintegrated.
This applies to Jesus as well.
Living things interact in order to keep on interacting, in the 6 days world disintegrated bodies was no longer the person (dead).

Jesus was lovely unlike other humans, God decided to keep Jesus, so He realize a new world with different rules, the kingdom of God, the kingdom of Jesus.
In this kingdom, Jesus' disintegrated body is alive. And so will every other humans who will be accepted in the kingdom of God (me being one of them).

Don't love the old world, it was good, but because of Jesus, God has made it bad. Haleluya

Melki Hassa said...

And now it could only be good when harmonized with the kingdom of God.