Saturday, May 18, 2013

Another solution to piracy

Christians could give to other christians discount on products, if the other christians have helped their brothers and sisters in Christ before.
So producers of new versions of software could give discounts to people who have paid to them their previous versions.

God is the source of all solutions, I exist because of God, God is love. Ofcourse if people have participated in the correcting of the sufferings (healing) of our brothers / sisters in Christ, those people have participated in making my world friendlier. I want to make their world friendlier as well.

Jesus is our friend.


Melki Hassa said...

God is the source of existence, source of all mutual solutions. Some argues that God causes sufferings, yes when He left our administration, our humanity, because of adam's disobedience He was indeed let upon us sufferings. Suffering is the failure of our inclination to fulfill what it's inclined for.

Human's body have the inclination to sin, I could imagine when a body saw our brothers/sisters in Christ were hungry, it could still want to eat it's meal more than sharing with the brothers/sisters in Christ. It's appropriate for God to not fulfill it's sinful inclinations.

This sinful inclinations took place because our ancestors sinned, we were born in a system of sin and have adjusted ourselves in the presence of it.

But Jesus is the embodiedment of God, He kept on choosing not to sin even though his mortality suffers.

And so I agree that Jesus' body was made sin, it wants to not being broken apart, despite God's will for it to be broken apart.

God's will has not stayed with the will of the body. God didn't align Himself to the will of Jesus' body, that's when Jesus the human being was made sin.

But Jesus the person is still alive now with a glorified body. Still categorizable as the "same" administration as before, but now glorified as it has been tailored by God.
Jesus' body now is the body of Glory, a body that's not subject to sin, but subject to Love.
This administration has conquered death.
But Jesus kept on obeying God in opposite of what His body was prepared for. A human's body was made to live eternally, that's why we suffer in relation to dying, but God has considered the idea of letting Adam to live eternally despicable. He prioritized the "inclination against the inclination of the flesh" to become a part of Love, Light, Life and Truth (reality) instead of the opposite.

Again, Jesus kept on obeying God despite of His body, that's why the believe of the followers of Jesus that their body would be replaced with a new body, is appropriate.

Melki Hassa said...

In order to define this, we need to make a new language.
What is our body?
Is our body yesterday the same body with ours now?
If our body has changed it needs a new name, but still refers to the old one.
Using the current language there's no distinction between them, our body is just the same body, before and after sufferings.