Saturday, July 6, 2013

Why nothing's for free

In the 6 days world nothing is "for free" to have the life you want you must "pay"
Now what does it mean?
It means that just following your desire could not automatically bring advantage to the people and the inclinations that have helped you. (Advantage in terms of the inclination to incline, in Love's respect).

So, the next step, we should work towards creating a world where it's easier and easier to give thanks to the sources of our solutions, (except evil because Jesus has cleared the debt on the cross and He has risen so that we or the people who is living in Him is living in freedom, bounded by evil no more... the 6 days world will perish, His Kingdom will be everything).

Itunes is facilitating this, Google wallet has, lets participate...

Let's not forget our teachers, many teachers live in poverty or in near poverty, some even depend their lives on bribes. Let's realize the Kingdom, by changing this.


Melki Hassa said...

So the reason why things are not for free... because of sin.

When one sins, it shifts it's inclinations from towards inclining to incline forever, to something else.

So even though whatever it do will always supports love even when it intends not to... because Love is just that powerful.
But because it inclines not to Love, it became unhappy about everything.
So others would think and feel like helping it, wouldn't result in advantageful results. It would be lovely not to follow it's will.

Therefore, in order for it to be helped by others, it would have to do things that it doesn't like to do, which is to serve Love, to serve the inclination to incline, to help people.

The world is not always for free, because people don't enjoy giving thanks to the sources of solutions.

Bad habits / sins, could influence your desires... be careful.

People are going to bring people back to life,
Saying people would never bring the dead back to life, is like people in the medieval times saying that people would never be able to communicate with people on the other side of the ocean in a matter of seconds...

It's very rational to believe in the resurrection of the dead.
And I believe in Jesus, Jesus said not only He will bring people back to life, but He will make some of them owners of existence together with Him, living forever while inclining to incline forever, living forever in Love.

Melki Hassa said...

Love your neighbours as you love yourselves.

Sin lovers love being spoiled
Sin haters love to serve

What I mean by sin:

What I mean by Law:
Order that would keep you inclines to incline to incline to incline...

What I mean by serving:
To improve one's willingness and ability to incline to incline to incline...

When sin haters love, they improve others' willingness and ability to serve.