Thursday, April 18, 2013

Artificial living beings, essential elements of classifications

To create an artificial living beings, it would have to be able to have:

Hebrew 11:1 - Motivation
A spirit. (Motivation to differenciate between which is himself, which are from him, which are not from him)



Melki Hassa said...

Obviously it would have a property, or materials that it could control.
It would have sensors, and it would have a system of classification.
It should be able to create new variables... so in advance it should already have a system to define probabilities (of outcomes).
It should desire to maintain it's formations. Even, each units of formations in him could have their own votes about which to be propagated.

Melki Hassa said...

So it would have a calculation of probabilities of outcomes of it's surroundings, with and without it's interventions.
Since it could differenciate which is from him and which is not from him, it should be able to consider variances of actions it could do.
So it should constantly able to consider, which outcome would likely to propagate it's formations, furthermore which of it's formations.
OFcourse, formations that are not from him would be able to mimic other formations including his. Identifying this mimicry and the source would be the start of it's communications.

Melki Hassa said...

Ultimately, God is the Lord, the King of all Kings, the alfa and omega. The stronger the greater of all formations.
Jesus is He, has won against death.