Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My attempt to describe Christianity v.10

God has the lovely solutions to all problems. In the beginning God's solution was used or practiced totally including by men. Men didn't need to identify problems or solutions, men just do whatever they wanted to do in the corridor of God's law (don't eat the fruit), and they would just automatically became part of the solutions.

Men were holy creatures, they were free creatures that always chose not to sin. This is impossible without the existence of laws, the existence of sin, the existence of the tree of good and evil. Without the tree, humans are not free and holy creatures, not worthy of being known as God's image.

the question:

Why did human wanted the status? What drove them, humans in the state of not knowing good and evil, to want the fruit? Did they think that by eating the fruit they would kept on experiencing interactions forever? Did they think that God's words weren't true?

After they ate the fruit, they became aware of the concept of problems, and solutions. During the time God's solutions were used to handle all the problems, no one had to worry about anything. But now, human became gods, knowing good and evil, knowing that there are problems and the problems always need to be solved.

Unfortunately in order to successfully always be in integrated working solutions, they would have to work together with God, they couldn't just created their own solutions, while God created His own solutions and expected for the solutions would just automatically match each other. And unfortunately, I assume, that they were noobs, they were not as good as God when comes to creating solutions for the universe.

God had given them the earth as their domain, the earth had become human's responsiblity. So if God had better solutions for the earth, the solutions still need human's authorization to apply.(I got mixed up with my country's constitution... so this part is no good).

But God so loved the world he became a man, so that the earth controlled by Jesus, a human, will keep on experiencing interactions forever. God is the Love, for God to Love Love, its only appropriate.

(the inspiration to write this post came when reading WIPO Handbook, 3rd of August 2011)

Proverb 10:19

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