Friday, August 26, 2011

Diversion, Swaying Informations v.06

Proverbs advices us to be aware, to not sleep too much. I interpret this as advices to always look for informations. However, the danger is when we don't care about where do the informations came from.
Informations that were made out of lies are non mutual informations, we know well enough that they will lead us to death.

We must be aware of lies, open our eyes and seek for the truth. To audit, to consult for assurance or confirmation is rarely disempowering or waste of money, on the opposite it facilitate awareness.

I say there are informations that are better left to be less prioritized. There are informations that won't lead us to more mutual informations or the truth. Basking ourselves in non mutual informations is like sleeping too much, unfortunately such informations might be found in irresponsible greedy manipulative disempowering mentality reporters' news.

I suggest that newspapers should have a page dedicated to monitor updates on previous news. Have problems previously reported addressed? Doing so will show, which news actually were written truthfully and which news were made without lovely missions to serve.

Let us be aware that the purpose of swaying informations are to kept us from the truth, as diversion to prevent us from knowing and using empowering informations. Why? Because bad people are those whose solutions involve treating other people as victims. They use people as their tools without consent, through lying and trickery... they want to keep available stupid people. Lets stay in Jesus, let the world threw bad labels on us, but God will show who's with the truth and who's not.

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