Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What I think Life is all about

Love is the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever, and love made everything that matters in the universe. That's what the universe is all about, creating laws, and then practice them, and then produce new laws, and the practice them... interaction is the exercising of laws.

As all interactions keep on happening, one in support of another... there couldn't be repetition of total interactions in the universe... there couldn't be instances where the sun rotated the 100.000th time after the 100.000th time occured. That's time

At certain point in time, after interactions after interactions, new laws came about subject to love... that's organic life or I'm going to call it "life". Life is a set of laws or an administration to create laws faster, and to transport laws faster and further...

All life forms have a mission, we all want to create our changes in the world, in our essence we have laws to transport, we have laws to create. We are parts of love, we are to enable interactions after interactions to keep on happening forever the way it never before done without our existence.

Our big question is, would we keep on experiencing interactions forever as us?

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