Sunday, August 7, 2011

Happiness v.06

Love is the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever.
Time exist due to irreversibility. Our intuition of time is that total interactions are always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new.

Why some people dislike the law passionately?

Sometimes, I could be one of those people... and the reason why I disliked the law was because I felt that the law reduces my "space for variances" as a living being (living beings are beings that could classify what's lovely and what's not). Obeying the law instead of following my instinct feels like boring, not exciting, stupid, and less alive. In short, if I obeyed the law instead of doing things from my own personality, it feels like I'm denying myself as a living being.

My past posts related to this:

We want to classify what's lovely and what's not. And when we were successful with our personalities, we'd be happy, in love, we'd want to keep on experiencing interactions, working our personalities, forever.

I think that we could be alive by confirming other people's personality. Doing so requires personalities too. But some are not content in doing so, I think its because of the lie, that people who conform to others' personalities are those who couldn't make their own decisions, and that those kinds of people are preys, victims, made to be slaves. And those who have "own personalities" are the master.

Jesus is the Vine, John chapter 15, His personality is Love's personality, we are the branches... we bring Jesus' way of classifying of what's lovely and what's not into our own life, at our own choosing. Outside of love, we are dead, nothing, cause everything that matters are in Love. We've been outsourcing personalities all our lives, but we are no slaves, we are rulers, we are providers of solutions, mutual working solutions.

Obviously now, to say that obeying the law is less alive than following our own intuition is wrong, and deadly. To acknowledge that I couldn't comprehend enough why the law is lovely and to admit that I'm afraid that the law might be not lovely without me noticing it, is more reliable.

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