Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Who is greater? v.03

Spirits initiate interactions, Inclinations is the beginning of administrations. All inclinations have their counter inclinations... inclinations to be free countered by inclinations to not be free, inclinations to know the truth countered by inclinations to be lied upon.

Inclinations work together to prioritize higher inclinations... inclinations to reassure work together with inclination to be methodical, in order to support inclinations to know the truth. Sometimes in order to support an inclination, 2 polars of inclinations work together... interchangeably, simultaneously... for example, in order to support the inclination to be safe, inclination to follow conservative procedure is used at one time, and inclination to experiment is used in another, or simultaneously...

However the spirit of doing good, and the spirit of doing bad... the spirit of love and the spirit to not love is at war with each other. They are the highest priorities for administrations or laws of the reality. Who is greater?

Sometimes we worry that evil might destroy our life, our work, and made us fail, and that they are strong, smart, and witty. But if we work for God in accordance with his will, I believe that there are already available, strong administrations in reality, that are fighting the enemy.

"The one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world."

All we got to do is to participate with God, to be a part of His administration. His administration is lovely, working, mutually supportive, sustainable, caring for all, peaceful, calming, empowering self control, engulf everything, always available, varies in form/relevant multidimensionally, life friendly.

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