Monday, October 17, 2011

My mistake about evil v.02 (and about Judging)

I thought there are times that evil want to defend itself, to survive.
But evil exist because of good. Whatever it is that's not participating in good, would automatically be evil.
Evil is everything that doesn't support good. Evil emerged not by initiative but by accident, while good emerged out of initiatives.

So everytime people create good administrations, new evil would be created automatically as well.
Whatever it is that's not supportive of that good administration would be evil. Compare to, Mark 9:40, this is just my opinion.

But pay careful attention in Judging, since it's not in our power to Judge whether or not certain administrations really were good, really were supportive of the original Good or not its not in our power as one's self to say whats really fair and what really not to happen or to do to other people. Leave it to the court of law as Jesus did. As the Holy Spirit is not the spirit of chaos, but the spirit of order.

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