Friday, October 14, 2011

A possiblity v.06

I wonder why God didn't make the world so that many solutions would not be available, if not all the people in the world had received help that they deserve. So people with more solutions could only complete their set by helping others.

But then maybe God has created it that way... maybe people who are successful using evil means don't deserve those solutions less than those that are worse off than them.

Poor people also do bad things to other people. In fact, we could discover teenagers do bad things like hitting and extorting others for fun.

Well, its not my place to judge, this is just a consideration, a probability. Like Job and Jesus, I believe that God could let bad things happen to good people.

But there's no harm in trying this. If my theory is working, you could reduce the level of relevance of bad people's solutions, those that don't respect God's principals, just by helping yourself, your family, and your community to ask forgiveness from God, to respect the law, to do the right thing. Maybe by maintaining the right thing, we'd be able to make it a priority for the world to work together with us in order to complete more relevant solutions.

Probably this is also why there are many temptations being spread to our media and culture. Probably some people out there think that there is a possibility that by reducing people's disciplines, they could maintain their level of worth. Yes I'm referring to feodality... not as in political necessity, but as in the self centered mentality.

Through integrity towards Love, old solutions will pass and the appropriate solutions will be revealed.

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