Thursday, August 16, 2012

So then we are worthy due to our contributions?

We know that nowadays programs could do many things more effective and efficiently than humans. And as time goes on, and as people need more and more resources, we need the machines to do the best of works for us.
The concept of wages and money, made people think that they worth as much as their contribution to the society. Therefore, there's the inclination to compete with the machines. This is prove that the system of money is inhumane and wrong.
Then do humans supposed to be poor?
Do these puny bodies, with limited power and memory should not be cared for?

How do humans supposed to allocate the resources? Based on what?
Surely we must not based it on the politics of intimidation, not based on one's ability to kill, and harm others. (On the opposite I am aiming to make non mutuality not available as a form of solution in reality forever.)

Rome chapter 4:
and (source
James chapter 2:

So working really should be the basis of resource allocation, but its not based on working on the ability to intimidate, to kill, to rob, or to steal, etc, but based on the comittment not to rob, steal, kill, etc. As long as people don't live and/or supported the lifestyle of killing, adultery, robbing, stealing, etc. They deserve adequate properties for themselves for life.

These committers automatically contributed to peace and mutual solutions. I believe that if one really committed to Love, one would allocate their live for it. These people would not be lazy but keep on attempting to Love forever.

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