Thursday, August 16, 2012

God needed us?

Christianity believes that we could contribute to God. Is there a thing that God need? Something we have that He doesn't?
Yes, we are ourselves. If we don't let God to become one with us, then God could not love our parents as our parent's child, God couldn't love our siblings as our siblings' sibling and God couldn't love our children as our children's parent.

God is Love, God is Almighty, why would He has limitations?
Because He made it so, its His design.

If you said I love my family but you lead them to death, would that be a true love?
But God wanted to love, He designed not to be alone but to love, he made it so He needed us, and when we accepted Him as part of us we would made Him happy... He God needed us. Because He is Love, He needed to Love.

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