Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hell v.02

The inclination to be alive is a good inclination. Now if someone who doesn't admit Jesus fell from a high place, he/she struggled to safe himself, wouldn't he/she supposed to practice God? How come he/she was not saved?
Shouldn't he/she became synchronized with the inclination to keep on experiencing interactions forever, Love?

Jesus is the new creation, the old world or the old system will pass away. In the future, Jesus will be the light, not the light as we use now, as there would be anymore sun, and moon. In Jesus people would be alive in the new world.

We are the inclination to keep us inclining, we are our memory, the inclination to keep the memory grows.
Even though one inclines to keep on experiencing interactions forever, outside Jesus the one also would incline to not keep on experiencing interactions FOREVEr. Now this means the same person inclined to die.

When the person struggled to live, the inclination would be remembered by God and would be resurrected, therefore the person would be resurrected. But within his/her memory would there be found the inclination to die?
As he/she kept his/her memory going, this inclination to die that was inseparable to him, will put him/her in hell, as he/she will keep on living while ever routinely inclined to die.

The inclination to protect one's self would stay on forever,
The inclination to die will always fail. Only through Jesus the inclination to die can be truly purged.

Matt 27:46, Mark 15:34

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