Friday, July 1, 2011

What is funny? v.04

Check out this site:

He is a programmer with interesting minds and products. Now reading David Mamet's quote in the page, i noticed that it's funny when your mind work on something. So what comedians do is to present problems for the minds... problems that solutions are apparently plenty or obvious. But the problem must be considered as real by the mind's reflex. 

So I got it backwards, you'd laugh when there's a solution that completely obliterates the problem in your mind. So if the comedian could make your mind register their solutions as the complete solution, even just for a moment... you'd laugh.

I need to say as well that during sessions of discussion about problems... our mind register not only the presented problem as problem, but also how to end the discussion without causing further problems. That kept us observant, serious, and not farting.

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