Saturday, September 17, 2011

More meaning about Entropy v.05

Time exist due to irreversibility of interactions. Total interactions is always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new.

Entropy could mean that functionalities of a system always vary. And if you try to label a system as for a function, or for a purpose, it must be wrong.
The right answer is, a system could only have variety of functionalities relative to time/reality.

Furthermore, the second law could mean that if one wants to keep certain functionalities, he/she must keep on changing the elements of his/her system to keep it relevant. In order to keep on achieving certain functionalities we must realize that the universe keeps on changing the player or the performer of certain roles, and for us to be able to keep on answering to this reality we must keep on matching to the changes.

The universe regulated that human's foods were to be provided from the soil... humans answered by making shovels. Over time the universe regulated so that human's foods were to be provided less from the soil and more from inside of the trees.
In this case the shovels experienced increase in entropy in terms of their functionality as a tool for foods.
Humans answered the universe by modifying their shovels by replacing the blunt wooden tip of the shovels, with sharp metals to cut through lumbers. Now the shovels' level of entropy as tools for foods had gone back down.
One of the shovel wasn't modified but used as a reminder of the past. In terms of its functionality as a tool for foods, the shovel is at high entropy, but in terms of its functionality as a historical object... its at low entropy.

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