Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Calm collected v.05

The problem that the whole humanity is facing, are due to unpreparedness. Sometimes people live life without realizing how total interactions have changed, people became unaware and ended up not preparing administrations to synergize with reality.

This incompatibility is due to lies, because of lies people made wrong or incompatible preparations because they got the reality wrong. Lies are roots of all problems that we are facing. Lack of anticipation is the real issue for all civilizations.

Using piracy only makes things worse, as people who use piracy are not nurturing their access to solutions, some of their existing accesses might expire without them realizing it.
By then what would be their solutions? taking away accesses to solutions used by other people?

To face this reality, I propose a theory, that accesses to solutions could be regained. High magnitude of incompatibilities or darkness seems to be hard to tackle. Don't use bad or evil solutions... instead, just keep on doing what God wants, keep on nurturing and providing mutual solutions for the people you love. No matter which way you go, no matter what you do, one day the good administration you've nurtured will synchronize completely with reality... when it happened, the ultimate solution for the incompatibilities will just emerge... they will just came up.

Ask and you'll receive, seek and you'll find, knock and the door will be opened for you.
God bless.

Update 15/9/2011:
I remembered about Job's misery and Jesus' crucifixion, I realize that probably my theory is incomplete... Even role models of God face big problems, even the innocents experienced damages out of other people's sins. Sometimes difficulties must be experienced even when we've made all the possible precautions that we supposed to. But I do still believe that by keeping God's will, one day the difficulties will pass. And our administration of good will be relevant to help others to be set free from their problems as well.

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