Sunday, December 9, 2012

Head Coverings in Christian culture

In Christianity, head coverings for women has been prescripted by Paul, and traditions of the apostles are to be kept in Churches.
The reason being, humans have sinned but Jesus who's not worthy of the punishment of sin has been killed and cursed by the world. This injustice of the 6 days world has made God left the 6 days world and now has created a new world that's the body of Christ.
In a sense we as Christians realize this that we are nothing without connection to Christ in terms of eternity. So to admit God as our head, we all would love to express to God that we are His wife.

Because our leadership lead to doom but Jesus' leadership leads to life. We would love to have rituals or traditions to honor Him, baptism, the last supper, having a short hair (for male) and long hair + wearing head coverings (for females) (in churches during ceremonies with Jesus) being some of the rituals.

Why the short and long hair?
It's said that during the time on earth, males are to represent Jesus as the leader, and women are to represent humans as the branches of Jesus.
Humans are to believe in the leadership of Jesus and to make Him their "head".
So when males didn't represent Jesus, abusing their children, encourage self poisoning, lied to and fool their children... then He's not being Jesus-like and even when he has short hair, the short hair is pointless.
The same with women, when the male has made a decision, lets say, to help the poor at churches instead of buying her a new pair of shoes, the woman shall submit. Otherwise her long hair would be pointless might as well cut them all off.

In church women cover their head in order to represent everybody else (including we the males) as Jesus' bride during the ceremony.

I think the difference between Christian's veil and Muslim women's veil is in the purpose of wearing it, we don't wear it to cover our shame. We wear it as a status of love, that I'm not myself without You Jesus my "head".

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