Thursday, June 7, 2012

Salary System, Guardians of Inclination v.08

People sometimes fight over shares of market. Doctors vs Doctors, Accountants vs Accountants, Manufacturers vs Manufacturers.
Unfortunately this might hinder some really good products from reaching the consumers. I mean cheaper and better working products. Because these products might came from people who are not specialized in the field.
Yes being specialized and always available to solve some specific problem is important, just because an accountant could farm better than a farmer doesn't mean that all of the money should go to the accountant. What if the accountant decided to go back accounting, or ran out of ideas?

People who are new to some areas sometimes ended up able to offer new perspective. They are more spiritful in doing the job because there's a sense of newness when doing so. If the habit of looking for new perspectives could be nurtured, people wouldn't have to wait years and years before getting their hands on a technology. The problem is, specialized dudes often gets agitated if some new people came in and "took" "their" market.

My solution to this problem is a little bit communistic, but still could appropriately allocate resources to the sources of solution, IMHO.

1. Appoint Guardians of inclinations. The Guardians would maintain and make sure that some inclinations would always be prioritized in reality.
Example: 1. The Guardians of the inclination to keep people secure.
2. The Guardians of the inclination to keep people healthy
3. The Guardians of the inclination to keep people informed
4. Guardians of Privacy
5. Guardians of Transport
6. Guardians of Peace

Now, allocate huge sums of money to each guardians. But reduce these salaries accordingly to problems ended up occuring in reality. Yes like insurance companies.
So if the standard salary for each Guardians of Safety is 8 million rupiahs per month, reduce it to 5 millions, if the level of crime, riots, etc happened were quite high.
If child mortality increased, reduce the salaries of the Guardians of Health.
Don't appoint the guardian of life though, as most people will die. Or you could but... that's another story.

These Guardians then would be demanded to share appropriately to significant helpers of their mission. This demand might not be regulated, but arise out of necessity.
If a Guardian seemed to take all of the money without giving back to some actual helpers, the people could choose to elect another Guardian in the future.

The difference with this system with existing governments is there are no full time job for the end helpers. Only to the Guardians, and the Guardians are not the end receiver of the salaries, they are supposed to manage the budget appropriately. Again the purpose is to not have some full time incompetence, and full time statists, as the world is changing fast.


Edit: You could have different purpose payments of salaries. Quarterly, Monthly, Yearly, depending on the concerns. Some results could only be reviewed monthly, some results yearly, some for decades.

First and foremost, all guardians must realize that they are guardians of Love. Love is the priority.

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