Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Climate Change

I think the level of rainfall for this season is lower compared to previous years. This is just my gut feeling.
I worry that Indonesia is facing massive draught in the future.

Humans now should really consider moving away from seeing the world as their boss. We humans now are the boss, what I'm saying is... as the climate in Australia became more and more wet, people who live in Indonesia should be allowed to go there and cultivate the land.
Scientists should consider the option of manually transporting animals to habitats that are supposedly more friendly for them than what the nature is going to offer in the future.

You can't just say, hey let the nature evolve naturally don't intervene, while we ourselves are a part of nature. We humans have been changing the world ever since the beginning of civilization and in this earth everything is connected.
A secluded ecosystem is not independent from industrial revolutions, they are all one earth ecosystem. Let's throw away this attitude and face reality, we humans have become the boss of the world. Its our decision whether to became a part of natural disaster or natural solutions.

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