Tuesday, July 24, 2012

AntiChrist v.04

Antichrist is a body that will be after the act of obeying obselete laws.

Laws exist for purposes and after purposes been served the law must be renewed or changed in accordance with the new reality. (Time exist due to irreversibility, our intuition of time is that total interactions are always happening, irreversible, and therefore always new).

As result of the practice of the Bible, the Son (Father is the inclination to incline, Son is the inclination to obey the Father or to conform with the Father, and Holy is whatever that's not the inclination to stop inclining-the inclination to reject the inclination to stop inclining), the Son would use the form of a human for His next interaction. This is thanks to the practice of the Bible.

When some laws were prioritized, the after effect would be the creation of administrations in order to keep the laws being prioritized.
The inclination to make people smart for example, when prioritized it gave rise to schools, the internet, research centers, scholarships, etc.
Now in order to support the bible the administration is the Messiah, the leader who will lead the chosen ones, the circumcised (absent of full satisfaction in order to complete a purpose, absent of distraction, the focused ones), to keep on practicing the bible.

Now 'supposedly' the form of a human would be the end of the road, at least that's what people thought before. But Jesus used the human form differently.
The Human form could prioritize the bible in this world and would wiped out all sinners (all other humans) including the chosen ones. But that's not the plan.
Jesus sacrificed the precious, eternally expensive human form, so that the payment could be made (all solutions have to be paid back including sinful solutions), His death, would glorify violence, murder, sin. His death obseleted one potential or one opportunity of the human being to wipe out evil forever from this world.

Now we know the plan but the law now the old law that's purpose has been served, is being practiced now. All laws when practiced will give rise to administrations in support of the law. Now the next administration in support of this blasphemy of Jesus is the antichrist. The rotter, the abomination.

The key of rotting is to keep on doing the same thing when its already irrelevant.

Now the task of wiping out evil lies in the hands of the believers, the believers will become one with Jesus Christ the Son of God, and will put away evil from existence forever.
His death doesn't mean that evil has won, its just a form of payment so that God the Father would accept humans that believed in Jesus because they've paid the necessary payment to the devil.
God the source of all good solutions will accept Him as His family and will wipe out evil from existence, its not like God is so weak he only relies on one opportunity. He could create whatever circumstances needed to wipe out evil.

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Melki said...

Have you ever experienced a situation when someone wore an overly formal and wonderful suit to a casual occassion?
You'd say wow, you look very grand, you're the most professional looking person here.

This saying even though true, also points out the incompatibility with the event.