Saturday, November 5, 2011

Friends vs Foe v.03

Spirits are inclinations, and while I'm internalizing my problems... I try to make this list to help me think about how things are integrated with each other. Ofcourse in this theory there are neutral spirits that could be used by both Love and Death, so... its still work in progress:

Friends vs Foe
Inclination towards:

Love vs Death
Function/Utility in terms of Love vs Non-Functioning in terms of Love
Integrating Sources of Solutions/Peace vs Disintegrating and Turning sources of solutions against each other
Order vs Disorder
Justice vs Injustice
Making Laws available for the public vs Making Laws exclusive
Clear, official, black and white vs ambiguous, unclear, misleading
Truth vs Lies
Appropriate Planning vs Overlooking relevance
Planning vs No planning

Many more, now the derivatives:

Appropriate Planning:
- Mastering Techniques
- Learning the Rules

vs Overlooking Relevance:
- Lazy

Peace, Justice:
- Access to the law for the public

vs Disintegrating and Hatred, Injustice:
- Not letting the public care about the law.

(Note: This analysis will not targeted towards a particular person or foe, this analysis should apply to the whole reality, you could be your own enemy, your family could be your own enemy... as soon as you're facing a problem involving these spirits you should be aware not only of the people who are clearly opposing you, but yourself, your family, and strangers... Because as soon as you're making an administration to support one spirit, you'll be fighting existing administrations that are unsupportive... these unsupportive systems could've been adopted already by you, by your family, or by some strangers).

Clear, Truth, Utility:
- Straight forward talking
- Telling the truth
- Anticipate irregularities (be smart)

- Lying ambiguously
- Unreliable to be used in making decisions

Order, Integrating sources of Solutions:
- Respecting Privacy

Disorder, Disintegrating and hating:
- Disrespectful towards privacy
- Telling others' secrets.

- Giving thanks to sources of solutions
Non Functional:
- Not giving back/maintaining sources of solutions.


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