Wednesday, May 11, 2011

My critique to interpretation of the second law of thermodynamics v.03

It says that total entropies could be zero right?
To define order, I say that order is a state when one supports another, disorder is when one doesnt support another.
Support in terms of love, that is the tendency to keep on experiencing interactions forever.
So if I'm not wrong, entropies could be reduced to the point that it's zero.
The first law of thermodynamics says that total energies are the same, so entropies are unexplored raw materials, that could be put in order.

So when entropies are zero, it means that everything supports everything to keep on experiencing interactions forever. So when it took place, there is no way that entropies would existed ever anymore.

Therefore, we actually are not heading towards higher entropies, but randomly went from high to lower. But we as humans have a target, that is the state of zero entropies.

I'm an amateur, no university degree in science. But this quite explains it, why order existed in the first place.

God is Love, He is Lovely, for He is the kingdom, the court, forever.

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Melki said...

This world shall pass away, this world is a closed system. But Jesus came to earth and will return, the kingdom of God has come. THe kingdom of GOd is not this world, its a different system, even though its available for us to access.