Saturday, June 22, 2013

Tithe and Charity v.02

I think the church and gatherings could do this:
- Call people at stage to share their testimonies, and sufferings.
- The Church leader would highlight 2 sufferings of the week, the whole congregation will give charity to the sufferers.
- If the collection money is not enough for both of them, the church priest will run the second collection, if the number is odd, the second charity would go to the first sufferer, if the number was even it will go to the second sufferer.

The church full timers would get their salary from tithes.


The building of the people would consist of two parts:
1. House of prayer (I've seen one of this in Toraja city)
2. Community center.

Every so often, people would gather at the community center sharing their skills, stories, marketings, products music, teachings, etc.
The house of prayer should be separated from the community center, and this is where people pray, it opens everyday, and the full timers could bring ceremonial bread and wine and share them with prayers everyday. They also could read passages from the bible when people pray as well as play soothing voices of praise and worship.

During sunday, people come to the community center, and take turns to enter the house of prayer (since the house of prayer opens everyday, it's might be positioned at the focus of the premise but smaller in size compared to the community center).
At the gathering in the community center people sing and play music and bring collections, help each other, market their products, share their understanding, experiences, and sufferings.

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Melki Hassa said...

I don't know why I say church Father there... I don't recommend to say Father, just church Priest or shepherd.