Sunday, February 5, 2012

The inclination to mutual relationships v.08

This is just a theory, but I think sin is a product.
Tools you use to acquire something is a product including sin.
Therefore whenever you use sin, you owe to the inclination to sin some form of payments.

Humans acquired the knowledge of good and evil using sin.
Even though the fruit is God's, but as much as Jesus said to give back to Caesar what's Caesar's,
any form of services given to facilitate accomplishment of goals should be payed back.

This is the barrier between God and Humans. Even though some humans might be very righteous, but everytime the knowledge of good and evil was used, all men owed services to evil. And the appropriate form of payment to evil are evil deeds.

The death of Jesus payed this in full. I think that this is because the existence of Jesus himself is a major threat to the devil. Jesus is righteous and powerful, he knew how the world works in and out, and if He were not killed He could've shunned evil massively, making evil really really insignificant including human beings that used evil services.

But He came not to be selfish, He came to earth to be killed by humans. So that His killing would be an act that is so useless to righteous humans it was counted as a pure or clean payment to the devil. The payment was so expensive due to the massiveness of Jesus' threat to evil, that evil was considered in debt to humans to the eternity. No evil deeds made by humans could make up the debt forever.
However humans didn't initiate this killing as a sacrifice to free themselves from evil, Jesus initiated this killing God initiated this killing as a sacrifice to free humans from evil. So the sacrifice itself is a product made by God, and so humans that wanted to get into this system owed themselves to Jesus whom God has granted the kingdom, the power, and the glory forever.

And so after Jesus' killing, the barrier between God and men were eradicated, no longer God could not be with men because men has payed his debt to devil forever, and if humans wanted to be righteous and chose to be with Jesus, they could do so freely even with the knowledge of good and evil without having to do anything evil anymore.

But since the world / the earth was without Jesus, evil got the gain that it didn't got minisculed, and therefore still has its influence in the world. People still use evil to accomplish things. All administrations, all forms of existence, if gripped by evil would be destroyed, including human's body.

But Jesus has risen from the death, humans that are righteous and inclined to have relationships with God through Jesus will be given the grace by Jesus. And so will be able to access the path that Jesus had taken. Humans could live forever like Jesus as a part of love. Not in old form of bodies that could be messed up by evil, but in new bodies that evil has no access to.

Because just as evil could access the world of men, Adam and Eve, through them act of defiance. Evil could not access the new world of men that's initiated by Jesus because Jesus is righteous and has never and will never give himself to sin forever.

Update 8th of February 2012 + 17th of February 2012:
I saw "Christian with a view" blog post "I hope I read that wrong" and it made me think and add more to this sayings of mine.
There would be times when some people experienced a Holy Spirit experience, an experience that should be with him/her to the eternity. But if the person who had managed to experience this, when he / she was interacting with the Holy Spirit, but decided to reject the Holyness then that maybe that's what the bible says about an unforgivable sin.
Through faith in Jesus, people would be given the access, by Jesus, to redemption. Believers won't have to pay for the use of sin to the devil. But after that believers also need to incline to connect with God, that's the whole purpose of Jesus' work, to connect people with God, otherwise there's no point of His sacrifice. After becoming a Believer, the next thing to do is to do God's work.

1 John 3: 9-10

The Father missed Jesus, and Jesus is incomplete without His disciple. Now is the opportunity to be His disciple, to do His work in this world when He's not here. When He's back what role would be left for us to fulfill?

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